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Yoga Nidra is a simple yet powerful type of meditation. Participants journey into the awareness of body consciousness. This guided journey leads your awareness into the various layers of your cellular structure. This includes muscles, ligaments, bones through to your nervous, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems. Unlike other styles of practice, Yoga Nidra is participated in while lying down often with a pillow and blanket. Its history dates back to the beginnings of Hinduism and Buddhism and the name roughly translates to “yogic sleep”. This heralds from the state of rest and awareness that is like the twilight zone between awake and asleep. Awake yet closer to sleep, the soft space you go into before you drift off each night.

You can experience this live in a guided class or listen to a recording via headphones for a very similar journey.

To Experience Being In Your Body

The human body holds and stores tension in various areas of the Body. This can happen in many ways, caused by stress, posture and the way you feel about your situation. A build up of muscle tension can become an unconscious distraction. So often we can get raveled up in day-to-day activities and get a little stressed and “live in our heads”. Yoga Nidra is a journey back into body to clear away the stored debris, a journey back to your grounded self. When you are grounded within your body, certainty, trust and power are freely available to you. You can feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Yoga Nidra can benefit your existing practice or personal or spiritual development.

Guided Visualisation Meditation

Complimentary Yoga Nidra Downloads

While I am teaching in Bali I am offering Yoga Nidra Meditation downloads. You simply listen with headphones and it is like being in class. These are recorded with the evening Balinese jungle sounds in the background.

To download email for the link.

Yoga Nidra - Meditation

Yoga Nidra Meditation Is A Refresh And Reset

Yoga Nidra is like a non-physical massage. It is a process that let’s go of tension and stress at a deep level by working with the imagination and calling in light and energy. The mind and body combine to hold onto stress and they also come together in this journey of letting go. The cellular structure of the physical body has an innate intelligence that works silently 24 hours a day. Blended over this is our thoughts and emotions that ebb and flow throughout the day. These energies can tangle and get heavy, or simply need a bit or a refresh.

Yoga Nidra With Rise And Shine Therapeutic Resolutions

Luke from Rise and Shine has been practicing and refining his version of Yoga Nidra for many years. The result is a meditation journey that releases old energy, stress and tension as way to catch up to your self. Also offering a top-up of Energy and Light to your physical body and throughout your life . This style of meditation is perfect for your first experience or someone who has been practicing for many years. The class has some theory or aspects we may cover, we can share intentions or hopes and dreams before if willing.

Yoga Nidra - Meditation

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