emotional vulnerability

Emotional Vulnerability

It’s time to acknowledge that we have mixed feelings about most things and that is ok. We feel we need to have an answer and know what is right or wrong and we have mixed feelings about that as well. Vulnerability allows us to be ok with not knowing. To be ok with confusion and upheaval.

Most often we worry about what other people think and to comfort this we assume the details of their thinking. Both craving love and preventing ourselves from hurt at the same time.

We crave meaning and fulfillment and the idea of knowing that we are living our purpose. That can be scary. It can hurt to think we don’t know our purpose. Comparison and measurement often take the place of direction and clear choices.

There is a need for acceptance and fitting in and this can leave us feeling out of place. This can feel like something only other people have. Or that we once had it, but we can’t figure out how to get it back.

Often when we have spoken it can feel like there is more to say. But the words don’t seem to come. The concept seems foreign or out of reach. Sometimes we assume even if we did say it there would be nobody to listen.

This can also be pushed by the added pressure of time and deadlines. An included assumption of a mystery clock that is calling the shots. Words like must, never and should can cloud the way we speak to ourselves.


Know Yourself Emotionally

All of the above is going on and more. Its time to acknowledge this is and remind our selves that it is ok. It is ok to feel like we don’t have the answer. It’s ok to want love. Its ok to think other people are more together than us. Its ok to feel like we have run out of time. Being vulnerable in this way allows all feelings and emotions to have a place. To be ok with the place they already have.

You'll never cross an emotional bridge, if you keep rushing back to the other side.

T.F. Hodge

Learn To Speak And Listen At The Same Time

Emotional Grounding is a process of feeling, sensing and writing. Writing down all the feelings and emotions that are going on in one moment. All of the feelings we have around a certain subject. Especially if they are mixed and contradictory. Especially if they feel repeated, hurt or incomplete. Emotional Grounding is a process of inclusiveness. All are welcome. Nothing needs to feel repeated. Come one, come all.

Vulnerable Emotions

The Emotional Grounding Technique

This is a tool that helps you give a voice to your emotions. To be able to express your feelings. To be able to see them all at once, possibly conflicting, possibly mixed , definitely glad to be a part of the team. Writing down all of your feelings all at once is a way of listening and speaking at the same time. Vulnerability in this way is safe and simple and helps you progress gently.

As you move through the phases of the process you can begin to offer your self empathy. To offer comfort to any conflict or mixed feelings. Being ok with not being ok is the doorway to vulnerability. Learning that behind any single voice is a mixture of internal opinion. You can learn to care for yourself much like you would for a vulnerable child.

I hope you can join us in this wonderful process. Please join us. Pretty please share your results. Please ask all the questions you need.

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