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We all want the
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Powerful transformation sessions are available to you now. Connect from your own home into life-changing therapy. Skype and WhatsApp offer a clear connection to support you through your transformation. You can work at a pace that fits within your lifestyle.

Mental Clarity

Spiritual growth refines and expands your mind. Mental clarity increases as you access Higher Consciousness. The Higher Mind is clutter-free, patient, and wise. You will begin to understand complicated subjects with ease. Simple choices and actions will follow.

Flowing Emotions

Smooth, flowing emotions allow easy insight. Learn to hear the message that your feelings are sharing with you. Evolve your emotional self to feel empowered and clear-minded. Start a great friendship with your feelings.

Learn New Tools

You will build a toolbox of skills to master your life. These include practical skills like setting boundaries, affirmations, and self-reflection. Adding to this, you will learn powerful journaling techniques and meditation skills.

Ignite Your Passion

Develop a thirst for personal discovery. Get comfortable with the process of change. Gain the skills to seek truth, balance, and alignment. Begin an adventure of heart and mind. These sessions will awaken your inner spirit.

Support By WhatsApp

Spiritual development has its ups and downs. Having support nearby to guide you through the bumps is needed to grow. Being able to reach out to Luke in moments of transition is ideal for handling hurdles with ease and grace.

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Sessions With Luke Include


Identify your existing skillset and develop it to the next level. Develop a path to unite your current mindset and beliefs towards your success. Coaching helps you work with what you got and make it better!


Discover your growth path, the unique way for you to flourish. Explore deep within and grow through revelation, choice, and action. Personal development helps you refine your true self in action.


Develop your self with the guidance of your Soul and Intuition. Follow the call of your destiny. Work towards loving your life. Discarding what no longer fits and transforming what already works, into a higher order.

My clients say

Over 10 years of working with clients internationally

ED - England

Thank you for all your support. You are a fantastic counsellor who fulfilled your purpose of redirecting my energy away from my 'situation' and back to what is important - myself.

FS - Germany

Luke is an extraordinary energy worker. His sessions are very unique and powerful. They bring you closer to your deepest truth and shift that what you decide to shift.

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About Luke

Luke is a qualified Energy Worker and Spiritual Healer from Australia. He specialises in facilitating self-transformation sessions. His love for personal growth was born in a period of depression in 2005; since that time, he has been sharing his skills and experience to help others master their lives.


“We all want the same thing. To be happy, comfortable with our selves and to have the skills to overcome life’s challenges”. – Luke Richardson.

Luke’s mission is to provide grounded transformation skills to those who are ready. Transformation can be tough. It can be confusing letting go of old identities. With the right guide, anybody can open up to their true self and transform their life.


Hope Rehab Thailand
Team Manager / Senior Counsellor / Group Facilitator

Bali Silent Retreat
Programs Manager / Therapist / Meditation Facilitator

Diploma of Energetic Healing
Certificate of Meditation Facilitation
Practitioner of NLP
TRE Provider – Trauma Release Exercise

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