The Magic of Chakra Balance

These 7 centers of consciousness hold all of the learning and growth that we have accumulated over the years. We hold more wisdom than we did one year ago and it is stored in these amazing centers.

These are places that can be felt into. This means you can feel and understand if they have a dimension of balance or if there is something that could be questioned.

We are born with the gift to be aware of our own consciousness and this occurs in many layers. We have access to our conscious self into 7 energetic centers. A great gift to offer yourself is to take the time to check into to how they are feeling is a great path to self-realisation.

Chakra Balance

Naturally our Chakras are balancing themselves. They get a boost or an upgrade when we experience Aha! Moments. They can grow in strength when we set boundaries or more away from old patterns.

Sometimes patterns of belief or dominant emotions can be present and seem to be tricky to understand. Perhaps they have an unconscious component to them? Or the origins of how that part of your story have been forgotten.

Chakra Balance Therapy

This is where receiving a treatment of Chakra Balance can be very beneficial. When a therapist is involved the perspective toward change or understanding is much easier to receive.

Rise and Shine offers two main styles of Chakra Balance Therapy. A guided meditation journey where you self balance by being guided into the spaces and feeling your way. Also one-on-one sessions are offered to provide you with in depth balance and homework. This will help you to see the change through and step into new Light and energy. 


Energy Healing By Skype

Join me for a session to balance your Chakras