Chakra Balance Saturdays

Est 2014 in Bali,Indonesia

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Magic Of Chakra Balance

There is magic in chakra balance. It is magical and divine as once it comes forth, you will know your self in greater certainty than ever before. All of this is occurring with notes of joy and love from the Soul.

It is a consciousness of energy that exists beyond words—a rich current of refreshing, life-affirming energy that is on the verge of becoming conscious.

This class was developed by luke while living in Bali. He saw people hungry for spiritual growth. They wanted to validate their inner world, which had been calling. This class accessible to all people from all backgrounds. It is your birthright to experience expansion and alignment.

Chakra Balance Saturdays
Chakra Balance Saturdays

Chakra Balance Activation

This class is a guided journey experience in your own home.
You will experience an expedition through your physical body and energy systems. Using visualisation of color, movement of the breath and your inner awareness will awaken new light and energy within.

We work from the ground up! Connection with mother earth is the priority. Once connected to the core of the planet, we work up through the layers of consciousness. Involving every cell of the body, each layer of self will be balanced and aligned.

Infinite intelligence will guide this whole process. All layers of self have a unique living consciousness. Inner harmony comes when all aspects of the physical being can work together without blockage or resistance.

Chakra Balance Therapy

Each time you reclaim your alignment, a part of you is reborn. Each moment you return to self is a mini birth of consciousness. At the moment you align, you disconnect from the energy of the physical world.

In a moment of alignment, you expand into your authentic self-consciousness. The small focus of the ego and conscious mind is expanded and stretched. Each time this occurs, there is growth, insight, and lasting effect.

The focus of this class will be to achieve alignment; however, there will be set themes for each new gathering that focus on spiritual and personal development.

Chakra Balance Saturdays

Blissful Alignment Awaits

Online Spiritual Growth

Connect Worldwide

Our gathering will take place on Zoom, a digital meeting room. Set up a comfortable place in your home, that is private and quiet. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy. In your own space, you will connect into life changing tools and experiences. Much the same setup for our other webinars.

Spiritual Growth Tools

Join on your laptop

Joining on a laptop is best, for screen size and being hands free. When you book a place, a Zoom meeting link will be sent to you, with a calendar reminder. You then join the meeting through your web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Spiritual Growth Tools

Unique Exercises

This style of Chakra Balance is specialized in group clearing. It is not the same as 1:1 reiki or energetic healing. This balance is performed as a group, with the participants following Luke's guidance.

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Recieve tools by email

The powerful experiences in class will be recorded, so that you can listen to that journey again. These are made available for purchase download after class.

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It has never been easier to receive guided energy healing sessions in your own home.



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Skype Therapy Session

Meet Your Facilitator

Luke has been facilitating meditation classes since 2011, he has offered classes in Australia, Bali, and Thailand.

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