The Earth And The Sky

A Guided Journey Into Physical Vitality

From The Earth Below

We are from the Earth below. The soil that nourishes us also forms the mountains and the valleys that we travel. The water that fills our cells also cycles from the atmosphere above us, falling from the sky to flow in the rivers , streams , lakes and oceans. Our physical bodies are made from carbon the same building blocks that form the trees , animals and tiny little bacteria and worms

From The Sky Above

We draw so much inspiration from looking up to the sky above. Many of us remark that we are in fact space dust made into physical bodies. To think of the infinity of space can remind us of how small we are . Yet we are all connected. The universe that we are a part of provides us all that we need to be healthy and to learn and grow. To reach upwards is a way to remember our connection to all that is.

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A Guided Meditation ~ Earth And Sky

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