Taking Charge With Journalling

Getting to know your self in subtle ways allows you to realize your motivations and underlying desires. Often we have thoughts or beliefs that run along without us knowing about them on a conscious level. Blending your skills of Meditation and Journaling is a great way to see between the lines of yourself. This is a great mindful practice , bringing the inner world into manifest by writing it down.

Do you take the time to sit and write about how you are feeling? Or to put down onto paper your thoughts or questions? It can be very beneficial to do this to offer your self-perspective in addition to becoming a witness to yourself.

Meditation and Journaling Combined

Begin by spilling out your thoughts onto the page. Get a feel of where your focus is headed. Are you questioning an avenue of direction or a choice to make? Flow freely with your words splashing the ink of your pen before you have had time to analyze or hold back. This will allow you to be truthful with yourself and make space for realisation.

Write and share with your self and the page until it feels like you have expressed all that you have floating about in you space.

Then meditate

This can be done in many ways. You may quiet your mind, sitting still and focus on your breath. Even attaining a few minutes or even moments of stillness is all that is required to allow your perspective to rest.

Perhaps you use a recording of a guided meditation or do a yoga practice or go for a run or workout session. Meditation can mean many things. Ultimately meditation it is a chance to let your mind release its focus, to clear and unwind as its steps aside for a rest.

Back to journalling

Now that time has passed, having gone on a journey of meditation or movement. Come back to a fresh page and begin once again to pour out your thoughts, questions and realisations.

It is when you return to the journal after meditation that you can notice the increased perspective. You may notice insight or increased lightness in comparison to how you began the process earlier.

This allows you to take charge. By becoming aware of your inner world and being able to understand it and notice it change you know your power and ability.

How is this different? How can I see this in a new way?