Stress Management

Stress Management

To manage your stress you need to overcome it. To become resilient to the challenge that stresses you. Stress is a natural part of life and it encourages us to rise up , take chances and make changes. Overcoming adversity is what drives the survival of the fittest mentality in nature and we are not separate from this.

Managing stress means being in charge of your life and not overwhelmed by it. These sessions aim to teach you how to live a grounded life, aware of the challenges you face and confident of your ability to overcome.

Signs Of Stress

Stressful situations are ones that are overwhelming. Often feeling out of control with no room to move.

  • Muscular Tension in your back or neck is a common sign of being under prolonged stress.
  • Dehydration occurs when the body is in fight/flight mode. The body allocates resources to the muscles and heart to help prepare for the danger and hydration takes a back seat.
  • Dreading upcoming events / feeling out of control. The natural ability to regulate emotions and feel safe is overtaken by the alert of danger in the nervous system.
  • Feeling on edge, anxious and fearful of the future. The fight or flight response of the nervous system prepares to flee the danger and so all resources are focused on fear and alert.

Lifestyle Factors That Add To Stress

  • Poor Digestion –  Rushed Eating
  • Coffee and Nicotine
  • Digital Device Use In Bed Or Late In The Evening.
  • Sugar
  • Poor Sleep Routine
  • Pushing Through Or Ignoring Exhaustion
  • Unhealthy Relationships
  • Drama And Unplanned Change
  • Excess Alcohol Consumption
  • Erratic Planning
  • Challenges Expressing Emotion
  • Poor Diet – Highly Processed Foods

How You Will Learn To Manage

Managing stress requires you to learn its symptoms. It does not just appear, there is a build up over a long time. In these sessions you will learn to track the progression of symptoms, the choices and decisions that went into it. You will be shown new ways to deal with older challenges. Stress is mental, it involves thoughts and beliefs that create pressure, limitation and challenge. Stress is also physical, living life on the edge trains the nervous system to be on high alert and adrenaline levels at max.

Stress Management Session

1) Pressure , Time Allocation and Routine Discover ways to map out the way you spend time in your week. Learn to become efficient with time management, allocating rest , passion and responsibility. Only when we can see the week in a single view can we make bigger picture adjustments.

2) Resentments / Anger
Learn about resentments and anger, the hidden energy that holds you back. See how resentment and grudges keep you stuck in old energy and limit your creativity and resilience. It takes away the burden of the past and helps you move on.
3) CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
CBT teaches us that thoughts – create feelings – which create behaviours. Learn a simple tool to use each day to change the way that you think. When you can change your thoughts, you begin to feel a different way and behaviours also change and adapt. Develop personal coping strategies and change patterns related to mood and emotion.
4) Personality
In this session you will meet parts of your personality that play a role in the stress in your life. Learn how to work with your personality to upgrade your skills and talents to overcome stress. Sometimes there are stubborn parts to us that limit our functionality.
5) Emotional Grounding Technique

Use this technique developed by Luke while working in Drug and Alcohol treatment. A simple paper based tool that helps you process and unwind your emotions. Like a personal check in to how you are feeling. Perfect to discover mixed emotions often associated with stress.

Stress Management Sessions By Skype

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