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Stress begins in the mind

Making sense of your levels of stress can seem daunting. How did it get like this? It often seems like it came out of nowhere and you dont have a clue how to deal with it.

Giving words to your thoughts is key. When you can name your thoughts and beliefs, they have a voice. Stress is unspoken energy that will continue to build up whilst it not expressed.

Together we will map out all of the details that lead to your stress levels.

Lets Clear Your Mind!

Noticing your stress signs

Learn to notice signs of stress in your body. Stress is an instinctual response to danger in your life. By learning to notice when the physical body becomes stressed you can manage the symptoms.

  • Sweaty palms
  • Shallow or restricted breath
  • Muscular tension
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Physical anxiety / tight chest

Lets unpack the story of your stress

Stress is a combination of events and levels of pressure. Discover the lifestyle factors that allow stress to go unnoticed…. until now.

What distractions have prevented you from seeing the build up of this tension? Small steps not taken or procrastinated upon. Big challenges that are not planned for. These factors take a toll that when combined seem beyond comprehension.

Notice your reactions

Stress is a heightened state of awareness. All of the body’s alert systems set to capacity. Thoughts can race along, eyes dilate and your memory can be blank. Notice your reactions to the world around to become aware of your levels of stress.

  • Short fused
  • Snappy
  • Quick to anger
  • Panicked / impatient
  • Over thinking

Relief comes from adapting to stress

The definition of stress is being overwhelmed. When the capacity to handle new challenges is busy with unfinished business. A feeling of not being able to keep up.

Working with a therapist allows you to break down a large problem into easy to manage steps. This allows you to feel progress in a short time. A great relief is available when you measure progress in stages.

Notice your

A trigger is an external event that you react to. Noticing your triggers is necessary to halt the buildup of stress. When you are already stressed reactions are heightened, leading to a snowball effect.

  • Sensitive to sound 
  • Easily distracted
  • Dreading “more bad news”
  • Impatience while waiting
Luke Richardson

Luke Richardson - Therapist

Luke has been running Rise and Shine since 2009. Luke is a qualified Therapist who also teaches Meditation, TRE and group therapy. He is passionate about igniting the inner spirit. His purpose is facilitating awakening to a higher purpose. During his world travels he has gained knowledge and experience in various international treatment centres .

Hope Rehab Thailand
Team Manager / Senior Counsellor / Group Facilitator

Bali Silent Retreat
Programs Manager / Therapist / Meditation Facilitator

Diploma of Energetic Healing
Certificate of Meditation Facilitation
Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
TRE Provider – Trauma Release Exercise

Shadow Work Practitioner

Become grounded within your life

Stress relief comes when you can ground your stress. To make steps and take action to discharge your reactions and triggers. Making changes and choices that bring calm. Regaining the ability to plan for the future and move on from the past.
Being grounded is a physical calm and presence in your mind and emotions. With the right choices you can settle in the present moment.

Signs You Are Grounded

  • Awareness Of Your Breath
  • Awareness of Your Body
  • Feeling Of Having Enough Time
  • Patience & Calm
  • Clear Mind , Open Imagination
  • Able To Make Sense Of Emotions
  • Clear Memory

Find The Space To Think Clearly

A complete package of solutions

Finding relief from stress requires an overhaul of your life as you see it. This means addressing each area of your life and applying changes. Small adjustments , new ways of thinking and open perspectives.
Rise and Shine offers stress relief sessions to manage the overwhelm. Counselling to gain clarity, coaching to stay on track and meditation for peace of mind.
Sessions are via Skype – Ongoing support is via WhatsApp and Email.

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