Feel Your Stress

Stress Management

Learning about stress and how it makes you feel is key to Stress Management. The way you respond to stress in your life and routine plays out in the body. This means you can feel stress in the body. When you think of stress in the body you might think of clammy hands, dry mouth or feeling dehydrated.

To begin stress management you need to recognize where you are stressed. Is your routine or lifestyle simply too full? You might need to draw a routine of your life and have a look to see if you made enough space to relax. Often it can feel like an overload and you may not even know where to look to begin to manage your stress.

An environmental threat is a physical threat or a survival threat. These involve safety such as running from a tiger or avoiding being hit over by a car. Physical threats like these activate a fight or flight response. This safety mechanism reacts before we even can think about it. This is a primal system that has kept us human safe over millions of years. However now we are learning that this primal system is being triggered by our minds.

A threat from the mind is a perceived threat. This can be from what we assume other people are saying about us or dread of paying the bills, meeting deadlines or basic anxiety. These perceived threats trigger our body to feel stressed in exactly the same way as if we were under physical threat.

TRE - Trauma Release Exercise

TRE is an exercise that is designed to help your body’s natural stress release process occur. A session of TRE is guided by a facilitator. You will be led through six exercises to gently stretch and warm the muscles of your legs and Psoas muscle. You will then be guided to lie down on your back and encourage a natural tremor response.

The natural tremor response is a gentle, natural way for body to release stress. This is energy that has been held in the nervous system. During the natural tremor response, the body begins to let go of stress on many levels. The body and mind begin to learn that relaxation is possible. Stress management is a process of re-training the body and mind.

Personality Type and Stress Management

Stress management also requires you to learn who you are as a personality. Some personalities are very driven and work very hard and this can lead to stress from overexertion. Some personalities are not confident at all. These types feel pressured or stressed by their environment or from themselves. Stress management at rise and shine is a holistic package.   You will discover how your body carries stress. The way your personality deals with stress and how to readjust your routine to accommodate for stress