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To Change Your Life

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Why travel miles to get therapy, when the therapy can come to you?

Rise and Shine counselling sessions are designed to ensure you receive high quality therapy from where you feel most comfortable – right in your own home.

Book a complimentary 20-minute consultation with Rise and Shine’s Luke Richardson to see if the therapy he offers is right for you.

The Skype sessions closely replicate the nature of traditional face-to-face consultations. You can see and talk to your therapist and they can see and talk to you.

Life Changing Tools

Guided meditation is a powerful tool to make changes. You will recieve mp3 recordings to start your own practice. Between sessions you will learn to meditate and unearth a passion for self development.

Discover journaling techniques to change your mood and adjust thinking. Gain the ability to change the way you feel with a notepad and pen, any time, anywhere!

Learning to use these tools is life changing.

Mindfulness Support System Included

Sessions include 10 week guided meditation system. Make simple and easy changes.

Counselling therapy opens you up to deeper understanding and daily meditation helps you to integrate these lessons. 

About Luke

I’m Luke Richardson, from Sydney, Australia. I’ve held various positions in renowned treatment centres around the world, and have been running my clinic Rise and Shine since 2009.  I’m here to guide you on the journey you were always meant to make.

Senior Counsellor / Team Manager Hope Rehab

Therapist / Programs Manager Bali Silent Retreat

Diploma of Energetic Healing

Certificate of Meditation Facilitation

Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

TRE Provider – Trauma Release Exercise

Luke Richardson

How Rise And Shine Can Help You

IMMEDIATE TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS – by starting therapy you can expect to experience quick, beneficial changes.

MAKE POSITIVE ADJUSTMENTS – your sessions will see you making tweaks and alterations to your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

MORE AWARENESS – become more aware of the challenges you face, and how to face them in the most effective way.

LOSE THE NEGATIVITY – it’s hard to let go of years of baggage, but your Rise and Shine therapy sessions will introduce shifts to your energy and awareness that will see your negative notions melt away.

GUIDANCE ALONG THE RIGHT PATH – self-healing starts from the inside out. The only way to be the best version of yourself is to acknowledge your difficulties. Rise and Shine will help you find the best way through this

How Do Rise And Shine Sessions Work

First,  you need to book a free 20 minute phone consultation.

If you’re happy to go ahead after that, book a session using our online booking form lower down this page.

Choose the type of therapy you want, and whether you want a Video Session via Skype or Phone Call Session.

After your session, you can send follow-up questions and receive on-going support via What’s App.

Book Your

I’d like to invite you to a free 20 minute phone counselling session.

This mini session will show you how counselling therapy works to help you resolve your situation.

Ad your details and we can arrange the call! 

Or Ready to book a session? $100 - 60 Minutes

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