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Online therapy with Luke is the begining of a personal journey. Skype and WhatsApp connection offers you support in session and during the week. This service is the perfect aid to make a complete shift in your life.

You will learn to face the challenges in your life and overcome them. When facing challenges wholistically , the focus moves to the growth that is possible rather than the hardship. Solution focused therapy leads to empowerment, forgiveness and completion.
Exclusive to Rise and Shine, a 10 week meditation course is offered for ongoing support. Guided meditation recordings are available for download to help clear your mind.

Emotional Regulation

Learning to regulate your emotional state is a skill that leads to much happiness. It begins by becoming aware of your mood and emotional state. Counseling sessions will lead you to identify the range of emotions you feel at any one time.
Emotional regulation begins with awareness of your emotional state in the present moment. Being aware of your emotions allows you to notice how you respond to the world around you. It is like instant feedback of your experience.
When you are emotionally aware of how you interact with your surroundings, you can begin to regulate. The edges of your comfort zone will become clear. The limits of you comfort and capacity will be defined.
Regulation is thinking and acting in a measured way that doesn’t upset your emotions. It is a way of being that supports and honours your emotions.

Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way.​

Mavis Mazhura

Mental maintenance

The mental space is made up of all types of thoughts. This includes daydreams, imagination, mental pictures, judgment and internal dialogue. It can become quiet congested with unfinished business and left over thought patterns.
In session you will move into a place of clarity and this will open the space to move on from old thinking. The space we hold will allow you to plant new thoughts and give them your power and focus.
Consciously choosing new ways to think about your self is powerful. New thinking aligned with your truth is a commanding way to change your life. With practice and persistence you integrate these new thoughts into reality.

Own your personal space

Your thoughts and emotions define who you are. They are your main expression of your true self. When becoming aware of these and choosing what to think and how you feel you define your self.
By choosing who you are , what you think and how you feel, you set the space around you. This is your personal space. Then you in charge of what comes in and what goes out. Before long you will feel in command of you your life and within your power.

When we get comfortable with our own strength, discomfort changes shape. We remember our power.

Jen Knox

Find your power

True power comes from alignment with your true self. In these sessions you will reveal your true self and be able to name its qualities and vibration. Getting in touch with your essential nature and living it to the fullest is true power.
When you know who you are and who you are not, there is nothing you cannot overcome. As you live within your power , your true self you will radiate health, happiness and confidence.

A complete package of solutions

Skype counselling sessions at Rise and Shine are a complete package to help you feel happy and whole. You learn about yourself and your ability to adapt. A natural sense of growth and empowerment will result.
The package available includes sessions by Skype and support via WhatsApp between sessions. You will be counselled guided and coached to success in many areas of your life.
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