What Does It Mean To Rise And Shine

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What does it mean to Rise and Shine

We are a soul in body. A being of pure love and light, here in this physical body having a human experience. We are being called to remember who we are. We are pure happiness, love and joy.

Being divine – being spiritual – being consciously aware, are not distant places to find your self. They are right now. Its simple and it is easy. It is empowerment. For when you are faced with a challenge, you are in a place that is encouraging you to take the higher path. A challenge that calls you to use your courage or integrity or honesty is of great benefit. Speaking your truth and saying what you really feel deep inside gives a boost, it clears your mind and opens your heart. This is what it means to Rise and Shine.

How does Rise and Shine Studio provide this

Luke has spent 8 years refining his ability to be a clear channel of energy and consciousness that comes from the place beyond the mind. The place that is within all us that is the Inner Spirit.

The meditation classes at Rise and Shine are focused to take you on a journey inward. This will allow the discovery of your empowerment in many areas. Freedom, gratitude and achievement are yours for the keeping. To learn your abilities and see the times you stepped up into your higher aspects – your Inner Sprit.

One on one Healing Sessions are personalised. They lead you directly to the cause of your current way of being and map out steps and actions for you to embrace your empowerment. A process of opening up to what is real and exciting, a feeling of liberation from behind the beliefs you have held.

What’s in it for you

Well there is a good chance that if you have made your way to this website, then you are aware of your inner call. When you first become aware of it, it may not be clear. But you may have a deep inner knowing that there is more to this existence, more to what you currently see. These are the general callings of those who are preparing to awaken.

Give me a call or send an email – join a class or book a session. I am here to help show you the way. Namaste

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