Do You Remember?

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Do you remember?

People say things all the time. Relentlessly.

And that is cool, for that is why we are here. The gift of speech and expression is a true wonder, that we are collectively discovering and reaching lofty new heights of, each day that this giant planet spins around and around.

Some times people say or write things that lead you directly into the place you are trying to find. Into that place that has a song that is calling you. They see it – they were drawn to your space to see it and offer it their light… For you to then know its brightness.

Do you remember?

The Greatest

One fine day I got a letter from an adventurous traveler that was in the midst of decisions, directions and ultimately, outstanding avenues of brilliance and greatness that inspire me to heights I hadn’t ever imagined. Though those are not my heights, but hers alone, as she soars with the grace of the Universe.

This is the very portion of that letter, that to this day makes me well with a tear of recognition, acceptance and a knowing that this day and the next are worth taking the time to ask – how may I serve today? How will today be new? I wonder? I wonder? I wonder?

Do you remember the great things said to you? Do they continue to ring true? … Write them down. Come back to them. Read them again.

When you come back to them and they mean more and more to you each time you read them – you will perhaps know you were in the company of a dear Soul that served you in a way that can only continue to grow. Blessings to you Dear One.

I cherish this kind offering. I am sure you too have received similar. Good for you!

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