Processing Emotions

Emotional Grounding Technique

Processing Emotion

Processing emotion allows feelings to be ok, to gently unravel. This is the opposite of judging or fighting them. So much of our inner struggle comes from resisting our emotions and feelings.

Making sense of the way you are feeling can be an unravelling process. So often there are mixed feelings alongside efforts to make sense of what is going on. These efforts to make sense can add to the mix and further complicate what is going on.

Mapping out your feelings so that you can view the full scope of emotions is a helpful exercise.
Processing emotions can expose vulnerable feelings that sit deeper down. This can show you the way to gently peel back any protection you have to feeling these. Recognising these tender feelings underneath can bring a sense of calm and completion.

These deeper feelings once realised are then “processed”. It feels like landing into new energy. It can be raw but at rest. An ease that comes with being ok with who you are and how you feel.

Becoming vulnerable

This isn’t as frightening as it may sound. Giving a voice and sound to the tender feelings that are deeper down is that that it takes. When you can reach a simple, soft place speak it aloud. It may be a gentle emotion perhaps or a raw feeling that grabs your attention. You can use your presence to affirm it, perhaps saying “ I feel sad right now and that is ok, it will pass”.

How Do We Know When We Have Processed?

Feelings of calm and simplicity will most likely arise. These can’t be forced or motivated, they emerge when you give space and time. Most likely there will be a noticeable difference from the beginning to the of the sheet. Most likely there will be a distance between the original subject and how you currently feel.

What is the cost?

Zero cost! Luke created this tool while working in drug and alcohol treatment centres. This tool was developed to help people from all over the world make sense of how they are feeling. It is now being shared with people around the world to spread the message. Hopefully to also receive feedback and questions so that it can be further developed. We are all in this together and shared knowledge is gained knowledge.

How to learn Emotional Grounding

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