The Phases Of Emotional Grounding

This process has been provided in 3 stages or phases as we like to call them. A phase is a stage that is different from those before or after it. There are 3 distinct phases to work your way through emotions and feelings so that they can be grounded.

Working in phases allows you to take a breath in between. To notice when you have arrived at the next stage and take a look back


When I Focus On _____________ I Feel These Emotions

This is the place where you lay down some feelings. As many as you can notice. Even if it’s just a hint , be sure to write it down.

Phase 1 is the place where you ask your self how you are feeling? Who Am I To Feel This Way?

Is there a blocked feeling? Is there a strong feeling?

While filling this out you can use the feelings wheel. Take this chance to name as many different feelings as possible. Feel into your chest. Take a few breaths. Remember the scenario you are focusing on. Perhaps recall the leadup or after the scenario. 


When I Look I Look At These Feelings Above I Feel….

This is where you start to look at yourself. You start to offer care and insight into your own feelings.

Look at the words written and ask what is it like to be this person?

What Am I Telling Myself By Feeling This Way?

This is like looking at yourself from someone else’s shoes. When you look at these feelings listed in phase 1 how do you feel? It is like looking at a person with empathy. When you view these feelings in phase one how do you respond?


Now That I Have Processed These Feelings Above I Feel…..

This is where you start to notice the space you make when you process your feelings. Often this is where higher understanding comes in.

Keep your eyes peeled. Look for relief , happiness and joy.

Fill this phase with affirmation about yourself .

Make sure you do a grounding action before moving to this step. Perhaps walk around the room or on the grass outside. Make some physical space. Feel like you disengage from the sheet and then come back. Then look at phase 2 and make note of how you feel.

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