Modern Mindfulness

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Modern Mindfulness

A lot of the teachings and classes around mindfulness take a leading hand from Buddhism, which certainly paved the way. In this post I am going to reframe some Buddhist terms.

Suffering – we all suffer as I see it and with the people I have worked with. But lets add some love to that. Suffering could be seen as resistance or simply not listening to ourselves. Not listening can also need a reframe.

Listening to yourself isn’t necessarily having a chat and asking what is up – for the complexity of us – the personality and beliefs are always chatting. Not so much in words but in feelings. In 6th sense comprehension.

So are you suffering? Are you listening? Mindfulness can be a practice where you find stillness with breath and patience in order to allow feelings to receive your presence. With loving, willing presence a feeling will subside or soften. Once it softens you can question it.

In questioning feelings and experiences in a space of meditation you can ask or determine – hey is this from the past? Is this real? Can I let this go? Can I ad inspiration or intention to uplift this?

You can get clear if you and your personality have an agenda or expectation. You may discover limiting assumptions or put in place bold and uplifting intentions.

Mindfulness is seeing the range of thought , emotion and experience that is in your inner world and allowing its fullness and expression. It’s a daily journey that gets easier and more rewarding as we go along.

Welcome to your journey

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