Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Mindful Meditation Classes @ Rise and Shine

To begin the journey of understanding how to start a practice of Mindful meditation, first we must open up to the idea of how our mind works and how we observe it. You may not yet be aware that you are in charge of your mind, the way you think and where you direct your focus.

The big leap to make is discovering that a busy mind, is one that has been trained to be that way. We have 50,000 thoughts per day and they can float about in many directions. The path to mindfulness is a doorway to listening to yourself. One of the best ways to listen to yourself is to work with the 6th sense – feeling!

The Breath:

The breath of life is vital to our physical existence. It is also very much vital to becoming conscious of your mind and your inner world. Giving the mind the task of witnessing the breath and following its graceful dance in an out of the body brings a great stillness to the mind.

In class at Rise and Shine we will teach you tools and methods of breathing that open up your awareness. It may seem like a distant subject, the relation of breath and awareness. However the breath has the ability to guide the way you feel and help you journey into the inner world of the body. In the inner world you can rendezvous with your thoughts and emotions in a simply way to witness, decipher and listen to what they really want to say.

The Body:

The body is the meeting place of past and future – it is the present moment. When you feel the body and allow yourself to familiarize with its energy and how it interacts with the flow of the breath, you can become quite still. Being in the body allows you to calm thoughts from running with scenarios. Feeling the presence of the body allows you to be with your emotions so that you can listen to their origins and messages. When feeling your emotions within your body you can be present to them, no story or runaway sensations.


Changing your viewpoint allows entirely different ideas, pictures and insights into your inner world and then out into your daily life. Learning how to look and feel within bring a new perspective and quest for understanding. Rise and Shine Mindful Meditation classes teach you easy and inspiring tools and techniques to ask questions and cultivate greater perspective. Also along the way you will learn about the dominant style in which you perceive – feeling, seeing or knowing. You can enhance your natural perception and step into areas of new perceiving and understanding.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

This sounds like a big complicated technique perhaps. But it is very simple in its essence and that is… Thought leads emotions and then those emotions change the way we feel. Some thoughts come as trained thoughts, repeated patterns. You could call these ways of thinking as beliefs. A belief is a thought that you keep on thinking.

Rise and Shine can teach you how to witness mind based activity and the emotions and feelings that arise as a result. You can then ask questions and play with tools to reach the mindful space that is behind those feelings.