Meeting Your Needs

A Zoom workshop, of powerful meditation, psychological education and coaching techniques to perfect your transformation.

Meeting Your Needs

The definition of a need is something we cannot thrive without. We have needs on every level of our existence. These are essential for life.

When our unique needs are met, available and we are aware of them, we are strong and resilient. A healthy sense of self abounds when your needs are balanced and in order.

If your needs are not met, it can lead to struggle and challenge. Our sense of self and worth is closely related to being in touch with our needs.

Essential to life – yet not clearly visible. Meeting your needs is a big part of the mystery of life.

Meeting Your Needs

A Zoom Workshop
Join A Worldwide Classroom

This is a unique experience in a unique time on earth. You are invited to a class that will offer personal introspection, guided meditation, and sharing of ideas. You can expect to leave this class with a clear idea of needs of your that are yearning to be met.

Specific tools you require to thrive and succeed will be available. This class will initiate a journey of inner change that once complete will give you an inner strength that you couldn’t have imagined. I am excited for you, that you are drawn to this. I welcome you into this class with the intention of enriching your life.

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Listen Deep Within

Custom designed guided meditations have been developed for this class. When you get the chance to truly listen, and respond to your deepest desires, a new relationship with self is formed. This plants seeds, nourishes growth and begins a wonderful transformation of change.

Perfect Timing
You Are Here Because You Are Ready For Change

Perhaps there is a little unrest within. Maybe there is a burning resentment. It all comes from an unmet need somewhere. The good news is, you can identify that need, define it and master it within your life.

In fact it has most likely been calling out to you for some time. So giving it this space, making a declaration that you are listening could be the best conversation you have ever had.

You will be joining a gathering of folks that are brave enough to acknowledge they need to dig deep and better themselves. They will also be uncertain of where they are going or what will open up. This is an adventure they will awaken inner treasure that will continue to open for many months and years.

Your Spark Is Unique

There is beauty in group space. A power greater than us forms when we unite to focus on a similar cause. You are not alone in seeking a greater connection to your needs.
There can be a loss of direction or even confusion when needs are not clear. It can be daunting to find a void in your needs and self care. This group will show you you are walking a similar path to others.
It will also give you a tangible, actionable chance to own your right, to feel good about your yourself.
Meeting Your Needs

Reach Out!

Discovery Call!

If you have questions about this workshop shoot me a message. I can send you some extra information to help you feel comfortable joining us. 

Its natural to have questions. I would like you to reach out, so I can share my passion for this course, and you can get a good idea that this is for you.

This is a free Zoom class, that I offer as a chance for you to grow and learn. Its also a chance to learn about me and the work that I offer.

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