Guided Meditation

Rise And Shine Meditation Classes and Downloads

Rise and Shine is a place of empowerment and transformation. We have drop in classes with various themes. These themes support the understanding you have of yourself so that you are able to work with your inner strength and resources. Allowing you to open up and let go of whatever is holding you back. Classes are all in the style of guided visualisation, which is perfect for the first time meditator.

Guided Visualisation Is Like A Dream

It is a perfect style of meditation for beginners through to advanced, all in the same class. It is a simple journey of the imagination that you follow with your inner vision. This allows you to open up to the wisdom that is inside of you. First time meditators have simple yet powerful visual experiences and receive empowering insights.


Guided Meditation

Empowerment Though Meditation

Classes at Rise and Shine have the intention to assist you in opening up to the insight and wisdom that lies within you. Your Intuition and Inner Spirit have already got the answers to the questions you ask within your life. Taking the time to join a class of group energy will aid your process of personal growth. It will assist you to become aware of the information you need to make choices, changes and actions to step into your empowerment. It is comforting to receive insight from within. Empowerment knows you have the resources to deal with the situation and take charge.

Each Class Is Like A Workshop

We work on a theme and discuss the ways we can get to know ourselves through the theme, ways we can make our lives easier. Such as our Gratitude meditation class. In this we learn how we currently view gratitude and then go deeper into the process to learn ways to understand what it means and how it feels at a deeper level. Each class we take notes and offer exercises to practice as homework to further the learning process.

Learn to ground

Meditation And Emotional Grounding Technique

Processing Emotion and getting clear on the inside go hand in hand. When you calm your emotions your mind follows. The Emotional Grounding Technique is a perfect tool to ad to your practice. Follow the link to receive video tutorials, worksheets and tips.

The Emotional Grounding Technique – Click Here

What We Teach In Meditation Class

Imagination – The practice of Guided Visualisation Meditation opens and stretches your imagination. To help you solve problems and challenges with a childlike enthusiasm.

Journaling – Each of your classes will offer the chance to journal – to write down your experiences. This is such a wonderful beginning of the tool of journaling. This is a wonderful resource that can help you whenever you would like clarity or to debrief from a time that has passed.

Breathing – Each class begins with the breath. We take the time to breathe into the body. Feeling the flow and cycle of the breath as a way of bringing stillness to the mind and relaxation to the body.

Questioning – Each class is a chance to ask questions of yourself. Bringing in the habit of questioning yourself in a positive way can bring about many great shifts of awareness.

Self-Inquiry and Awareness – Classes are all centered around getting to know who you are in one way or another. Asking of yourself is very empowering to know you can have what you want so long as you are aware of it and grounded in your approach.

Grounding – Learning to breathe into the body and feel is a great beginning to a sense of grounding. Expanding the awareness of your self through meditation allows you to know who you are. Mentally and emotionally and spiritually.  A balance of mind, body and emotions is key to feeling grounded.