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Meditation Classes with Rise and Shine

Meditation classes at Rise and Shine are a drop in style. Each class is a chance to learn about a theme , topic or tool of self understanding. Homework is given and there is always room to chat and discuss how the particular class can help you specifically.

Meditation Classes at Rise and Shine are guided. This means a facilitator leads you inward to body and breath awareness and then on to the realms of the imagination. These style of class allow you to be an active participant in the journey.You can ask questions, feel into and solve problems, hatch new ideas and create easy access to your creative aspects.

New beginings meditation class

New Beginnings

This wonderful meditation is perfect to run at the end of each month or year. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover how far you have come in the time that has passed. Also what you are opening up to in the coming days, weeks and months.

Each day itself is a new beginning, a chance to set intention and hope for certain positive outcomes. This is perfect chance to link into the richness and growth that has occurred and celebrate it.

Magic Body Magic Heart

This is a Yoga Nidra inspired journey into various parts of the body. The consciousness that stores in the body is offered a chance to release and be let go of. From there we open into the heart space and align it with the body. This is a deeply refreshing chance to let go.

For more information on this delightful journey you can click on Magic Body Magic Heart

Meditation To Journey To The Body and Into The Heart
Broadcast of Love Meditation

The Broadcast of Love

Join us to awaken to the call that is lifting humanity to its next level of evolution. This is the next level of empowerment, balance and harmony. Those who are drawn to this class have listened to the inner call to help humanity awaken.

We see the world becoming more honest and free, more loving and compassionate. As a race, us humans are awakening. Join this monthly class to open to your inner call and send out a reminder to all those on earth that we are working together – a team of hearts.

If world affairs have ever bothered you then this is a class for you. This class is a personal reminder of the tremendous growth and learning that is going right now. This learning and growth is in the collective consciousness. It’s tremendously rewarding to witness this and know that you are a part of it.

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