Managing Overwhelm

What is overwhelm?

And what do we do with it?

Overwhelm Feels Out Control

Feeling out of control emotionally and mentally can be like an energetic tornado. Overwhelm can seemingly appear out of nowhere. In this article, I will explain the mechanics involved and begin to discuss solutions to overcome this debilitating state of self.

Overwhelm is a sign that you need to adapt in new ways, create new plans and even reach out for help. Once you tackle the situation you will become resilient and all the better for it.

Rise and Shine Specialises In Overwhelm Management

Managing Overwhelm

The Fight or Flight

Your Fight or Flight responses are primitive. It includes your brain and nervous system. A network of neurons sending and receiving information throughout your body.

It instructs vital systems like your blood pressure, heart rate and metabolism. It receives information from your senses and the world around you as well as feedback from your physical body.

On top of this your thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence your body and all of its systems.

Overwhelm is when all of the systems above are firing and causing an overload, with signals feeding back in a spiral-like formation.

You can feel like you are out of control. But it is not a weakness.

You Are Stretching
Your Capacity

This primal system of the fight or flight mechanism is powerful, adaptive, and is helping you out 24 / 7. It is this combination of muscles, neurons, and your brain that allows you to write with a pen, or ride a bike with ease.

Maybe you don’t recall the feeling of learning to ride a bike or use a pen, however, I would bet there would have been some.

This is the edge of comfort and skill. When skills have reached their limits the overwhelming sense can take over.

Overwhelm can get a bad wrap in adulthood because it can sometimes feel like it never goes away.

Managing Overwhelm - You Are Learning
Manage Overwhelm

Reign in the Overwhelm

Reign it in – if overwhelm persists, you have bitten off more than you can chew!

Reaching your limits of learning and capacity is great, but staying there can quickly become exhausting. Overwhelm is a sign that you need to step back to integrate. It is a sign you need a more thorough plan and strategy.

It can be also helpful to question why you have been stretching yourself too hard and for too long??? fear, pressure, and self-worth often are a part of this uncomfortable process.

Creating Your Strategy For Overwhelm

Creating options

If you are in overwhelm you most likely think you have limited resources in some way. Resources like, time, money, forgiveness, or self-belief are just some. Creating options involves planning and collaboration. You need to create a plan B. The desolate, rigid world of overwhelm rarely produces your best results.

Executing your plan

Your creative plan needs to have options, alternate routes, and ways to catch your breath. A good plan is written down, given consideration, and offered a debrief at the end of the day. It is always good to involve another person who is on your wavelength – and of course, celebrate your success wherever you can. Succeding in overcoming overwhelm is a great achievement.

Working With Luke

Luke offers one to one sessions with people all around the world. Overwhelm and stress are very common these days and the good news is, there are many options and solutions to overcome this.

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Therapy sessions open your mind and awareness. You get the chance to evaluate parts of your life that are hard to see by yourself.

Managing Overwhelm 2
Take control


You make the choices and set the goals. As your coach, I will keep you accountable and on track.

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Personalised Solutions

Your challenges are unique. We work together to identify specific blocks that stand in the way and create the perfect path for you to grow and succeed.

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Being able to voice your results from the week gives you the best chance for success. Accountability keeps you moving forward and avoid the temptation to follow old paths.

About Luke

Luke specializes in overwhelm and stress management. He has worked in trauma and addiction treatment, as well as personal development and folks in a mid-life crisis.

Overwhelm is a gift, it is a sign you need to level up. With tools and coaching you will become stronger than you ever imagined.

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