luke richardson energetic healing therapist

I have been working Energetically since 2006. This has taken me to many places and I have met many great healers and therapists and along the way I have gained many qualifications. The wisdom and intelligence that resides within us is all we need to solve any problem we face. Energetic Healing is a process of allowing that wisdom to emerge. As a therapist we facilitate the change that is going on , we dont create it … you do.

My style of Energetic Healing is subtle, yet powerful. I have learnt to hear the message that our bodies are telling us. Offering my voice to the message of the body allows for simple yet lasting change to unravel long after we have worked together. Much like when something that goes unsaid is finally spoken. Unleashing the messages our body is holding offers great relief.

In my early career I worked as an Engineer, and although that time came to an end, it has left me with a wonderful ability to solve problems. To be able to see the structure of life and anywhere it is not flowing and to use logic and philosophy to ponder for answers.

Having spent many years discovering my own story, I am well versed with even the heaviest of situations. Specialties of mine are working with Depression and Anxiety. As I have been through several periods of these in my earlier years. Several dark years for me paved the way into therapy and personal development.

It is a very rewarding role to play as an Energetic Healer / Therapist / Meditation Facilitator. Together there is nothing we cannot solve and make good once again. Knowing what it is like to have a heavy and dark time and how to climb out of it instills a wonderful sense of trust in the process. That all we need to do is follow our truth one step at a time to find balance and happiness once again.

practitioner qualifications:

Diploma of Energetic Healing – Nature Care College

Certificate in Meditation Facilitation – Nature Care College

Certificate in Crystal Healing

Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioner

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

professional memberships:
International Institute of Complementary Therapies Membership

tertiary education:
Diploma of Electrical Engineering – TAFE

Certificate Electronics Communications – TAFE

Electronics Apprenticeship – Standard Communications

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