Lomi Lomi Massage @ Rise And Shine

This powerful yet delicate style of massage is flowing and dynamic, moving in a space that is intuitive and beyond words. The body talks to the therapist to relieve held tension but to also holistically release old energy and baggage.

Lomi Lomi Massage is an ancient style of bodywork from Hawaii. This style holds a space for the Intelligence of the body to release the energy and emotion it has been holding. It releases in such a way that the recipient receives the understanding of why it was there and now why its time to move on.

Lomi Lomi is perfectly matched to Rise and Shine. Lomi Lomi is a healing massage that is working with the intelligence of the body to allow the inner spirit to shine. To make way for new light and energy to emerge is the mission for this studio. A true massage can resonate for days as you align and ground into the new layers of your self that emerge and get discovered.

The Ancient Style Of Massage Mixed With Modern Energy Work

Lomi Lomi means massage in Hawaiian – or more simply to kneed and pull with the flowing and rhythmic style it follows. This particular lineage of Lomi Lomi is known as “Loving Hands Massage”. The therapist connects or channels heart energy through their hands as they work. This holds the body in a powerful yet tender space that allows for gentle, natural release.

Lomi Lomi Dances To The Beat Of Its Own Drum

Thought and emotion combine to store and accumulate as energy in the space that surrounds us as well as in the muscles of the body. So often massage is about releasing muscle tension only. In its beautiful dance Lomi Lomi massage warms the muscles and allows them to let go of held energy. As well as clearing the emotional and mental space that are so often the driving force of physical tension. Lomi Lomi dances to the beat of its own drum by working on the whole body at once – the physical, emotional and mental. Allowing the inner spirit to shine through creates an afterglow. That is what this ancient Hawaiian style is renowned for.

Rise and Shine has blended this ancient technique with modern Energy and LightWorking techniques. This allows for tremendous shifts and deep states of relaxation to occur during the session. A feeling of being welcomed back into your body, aligned with your physical, emotional and mental self.