Lomi Lomi Release

The Lomi Lomi Release

Lomi Lomi massage is much like a session of Energetic Healing. The rhythm and flow of the dynamic style of bodywork rests the body and allows the process of unwinding to begin.

The facilitator knows that holding the body in a loving space is most important. This assists the muscles, tendons and ligaments to warm and loosen will initiate the healing process. With intention to shift energy and physical touch, a process to liberate is underway. Cellular Memory begins to fall away in no time at all.

Cellular Memory is the energy and consciousness that cells of the body hold. This can be learned skills. This can be tension and stress.

Writing with a pen or riding a bike are skills stored in the cellular memory (as well as your brain and other areas of awareness). Just the same periods of stress, tension or stretch as you learn and grow in life as a human. A Lomi Lomi massage is a chance to unwind mentally and emotionally and reset a buildup of cellular memory as well.

Physical Release

 Also to receive great benefit from this healing modality is the Lymphatic System. The Lymph is an intricate network of vessels. The Lymph fluid transports toxins, CO2, White Blood Cells and the interstitial fluid. This system also carries carbohydrates and protein and water to the cells. The lymph has many important functions.
The lymphatic system does not have a Heart to circulate fluid in the same way that blood does around the body. The Lymphatic system uses “peristalsis” in a similar way to the digestive system. These are muscle contractions that gently encourage fluids to move. But also the Lymph relies upon muscle contractions and physical movement.

Lomi Lomi massage is a type of manual Lymphatic drainage that assists with moving the Lymph and its toxins around the body, to be transported to the blood, to the excretory organs and out of the body.

Release of old energy, thought and emotion works on many levels. Lomi Lomi is a truly holistic practice that supports the entire being.