Let Go Emotionally

What does letting go even mean?

I need to let go of this. Such a common saying. I have heard it many many times. But is it said with an understanding of what it means. I am noticing that it is not?

Often “letting go” refers to a situation or a life phase or a person. Often it refers to something that is no longer physically in that persons life. So then what are they letting go of? What are they holding on to??

Working with The Emotional Grounding Technique has shown me what is held in place. It’s the emotion around the event. The emotion around the memory. This I am sure, you will find is unprocessed emotion.

Unprocessed emotion is a mixture of emotions and feelings that need names. These feelings and energies need some air time. Letting go is often a desire to let go of the inner traffic jam. To untangle the grid lock. Letting go often means releasing the extra charge that comes from conflicting feelings.

Grounding The Emotional Self

Emotional Soothing

Any time you feel like there is an emotional fire raging within you, it is time to do some processing. Take a page or a worksheet. Begin to list all the feelings you can notice.

The emotional fire is the expression of multiple departments clashing and striving for airtime. There can be feelings that disallow other feelings and emotions. It can be like a traffic jam of your feelings which then compact one another creating further conflict and emotional fire.

In the right context and a safe environment all feelings are worthy of airtime. All feelings can calm down and be soothed so long as they get their turn to be expressed and allowed. When processing occurs it can feel like peak hour has ended.

Home of the emotions

Your Emotional Home

Your emotional home is where everybody has a place and all are welcome. This is inside of you. Your feeling and emotions have always been inside of you. With processing, daily journal work and time you can feel at home.

All we ever want is to feel at home.

To find your emotional home takes daily practice. Work with the Emotional Grounding Technique to give your feelings a voice. To let all parts of you know they are valid and ready to be heard.

There is a relief that comes at the end of each process. That is the end of peak hour traffic. It is the ahhhhh it’s ok. All the feelings and emotions are still there, but they aren’t clashing. The warring parties have backed down. And it was you the captain of the ship that leads this.

Your emotional home is a place you create with diligence and persistence. Daily journaling and expression. Daily meetings with your emotional self to resolve any tensions. Your emotional home is a relationship you make with your self by showing up when the heat rises and cooling it down.