Lessons and Values

So often the lesson we need to learn can be discovered or opened by writing in a very particular way. Take a single word that has a significance to you. Such as Love, Trust, Hope or Strength. Take a page and begin to write. Detail down with your penwork what it means to you, how you use the word, how often you say it.

Perhaps you don’t speak the word but you seek it or yearn for it in some way. Write about this. As you write observe how you feel about the word.

Come back to this writing , filling in a new page once per week or every few days even. Within 30 days you will know so much more about the value you hold around that word and what it means to you.

Learn The Lesson, Let Go Of The Struggle

In everything you face is an opportunity to learn a lesson. Once learnt, it will benefit your life and make it easier to achieve your goals and dreams. Stress and struggle is a sign that the lesson is coming through a little bumpy and this is where Energy Healing can help. We begin with a simple conversation of counseling to see where the session will lead us.

Behind Any Struggle Is A Lesson Waiting To Be Learnt

Every human can look back to a time they overcame struggle – and recognise how that situation changed their life. Perhaps it helped to better define what they wanted in life or found a way to make clearer choices or felt better about them selves.

Energy Healing Is A Bridge Between Struggle And Learning

The Lesson of our time on earth is a constant flow of situations and experiences that are helping us define what we want out of life. This is part of the process that helps us grow and learn. Energetic Healing is a process of working with a therapist to assist with insight and information. To help you learn the wisdom that is hiding behind the struggle.

Energetic Healing Is About Learning These Lessons Smoothly And Easily

Getting clear on the lessons playing out and ways to embrace them are all part of a Energy Healing / Counseling session. You may be familiar with the saying “learning the hard way”? Eventually we learn lessons. Energetic Healing allows you to learn with ease and grace. Sometimes it takes the different perspective of a therapist to bring this about.

Figuring Out Your Lessons With A Counseling Session

It is empowering to get clear on what your struggles are teaching you is and it can instantly dissolve the struggle. Asking questions is a great way to see the lesson, as they allow a bigger picture viewpoint. Once learn, Lessons are always expansive and will be with you for the rest of your life.
You will perhaps be a teacher of this lesson to others, just by being around them. Lessons are always there for empowerment and self-realisation. Such as standing up for your self, in the work place, in relationships, in the way you value your self or the way you love your self. Learning to know when to move on and let go, to know what is good for your health or bad for your health, to forgive, to share to not share. Each and everyone of us is learning our own personal lesson right now…

Stages Of Learning – via the bike method.

Unconsciously Incompetent: This is the space before you realise you are learning. Unaware of the process of learning that is going on. If the lesson is to learn how to ride a bike, at this stage you look at a bike, it seems possible but you are unaware of the skills involved.

Consciously Incompetent: Once you become aware that you are about to ride a bike and it’s going to take some skill. The moment you put your feet on the pedals and feel the wobbly balance you are aware that you don’t know how to ride.

Unconsciously Competent: This is where you are riding along on your bike with the wheels moving. The breeze is moving across your face. But it feels a little uncoordinated. You are riding but not quiet sure.

Consciously Competent: This is the wonderful moment when you look down and say “Aha I’m Riding the Bike!”

You know what they say from here! “It’s like riding a bike!” You never forget.

The process of learning our life lessons as well as gaining new skills, starting new jobs or new stages in life can seem daunting. BUT keep in mind it only seems daunting once your at stage 2 – so the process has already begun, its already underway. Once a lesson has begun it can feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar or uncertain. Keep in mind that those feelings are part of the process to birth new skills into your life.


Grounding Emotions

Learn Lesson With The Emotional Grounding Technique

Check out this technique developed by Luke while working in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation. This tool was crafted specifically to help people make sense of their emotions. It has now been spread around to the world to people of all walks of life. It is having great results. You are invited to try it out. There are videos, worksheets and ways to ask questions. I hope it helps you!

The Emotional Grounding Technique – Click Here

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