Meditation Lessons

Learning How To Meditate

Let me start by saying that Meditation is a practice more so than something that can be learnt. The old saying ~enjoy the Journey and not the destination ~ is very true in this case. Learning How To Meditate is a process of learning about yourself. It is not so much a process to quiet the mind; it is a wonderful chance to listen to your mind. This is a process of Personal observation. You are learning how to witness your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Where are you on the journey?

You will know that you have learnt how to meditate when you know you feel better as a result of your practice. When there are moments throughout the day where you stop and take notice of how you are feeling. When you can take a simple breath and clear your thoughts or you your mind. This journey and your practice are ways to feel refreshed , calm and at peace with yourself in the moment.

Meditation Class Downloads

Where To Start?

Rise and Shine is here to help you along the way. Guided Meditation recordings are a tremendous way to start a practice at home. With a recorded meditation track you simply listen in with your mp3 player and begin the journey of self discovery.

We offer complimentary downloads of guided meditations. These have been recorded live in classes around the world in locations such as Bali , Thailand and Australia.

Why Guided Recordings?

A guided class is where a facilitator leads you through awareness of your breath and the sensations in your body. Onwards from there you are encouraged to open up a guided journey of imagination. This is a time to open into the higher mind and daydream space in a refreshing and insightful way. A chance to learn about yourself, to become conscious of your body and aware of the present moment.

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A Chance To Ask Questions

Meditation is a chance to open up and ask questions to yourself. You can mix meditation with journaling or note taking as a way of learning about your thoughts and emotions. When you begin to ask and question your self , the practice of meditation will take you further than you would go with journaling alone.

As well as this , coaching sessions give you the perspective from the outside. A meditation coach can give you questions to ask of yourself that are way beyond your current perception. Questions open your awareness. They lead you well beyond your current thinking.