Intention Is A Powerful Way To Set Energy Into Alignment

Setting an Intention puts a clear direction in place for great things to occur. It is a form of goal setting.

Set an intention to have fun, to learn and play. Your intention will occur, when you allow it, so aim high, yet be realistic. It works well to write it all down so you can check back into it in a week or a month. When you check back in, it may not have eventuated fully, but you may be clear why. Perhaps you will have received a clearer picture of what is going on or better yet, you may have had the chance to witness the progress.

When working energetically to bring about change and growth it is of great benefit to set an intention. Setting an intention does many things to help, such as building a belief within you about the direction you are heading. It sets up the energy of the situation to come about and it lets the universe know exactly what you are up to.

There is an Hawaiian word – Makia ~ and this means ~ Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

A well set intention aligns all parts of your self to bring about an outcome. The more present you are with the outcome, the more ease and grace you will have in bringing it about. Working energetically is all in a positive sense. Be sure focus on what you want , rather than what you do not want , for you will always create what you are focusing on.

Work With Luke To Perfect Your Intention

Set an Intention

Aiming For The Essence Of What You Want

Setting intention is a skill that can be mastered over time as you monitor your own progress. It is best to aim for the essence of what you are wanting, to reduce this down to a single word or positive quality. For instance if you are struggling to make sense of your busy life – you may set an intention to to find clarity. Aiming towards clarity is a single quality that could be at the essence of the solution. This is more effective than perhaps setting an intention to “be less busy”.

Setting an Intention for an Energy Healing session is very important for it helps set a clear direction. This lets the intelligence of the body know what we are working towards.

Often we can run with many stories in our minds. There can be many challenges at any one time. Most often amongst all of this, there is a central quality of essence that we are working towards. Recognising this, then focusing on this brings simplicity to struggle.

Setting an Intention in Meditation allows you to set a energetic to allow the space to unfold without your direct focus. This allows for the higher aspects of you to do the work.

This may seem daunting , however you are not alone. Here at Rise and Shine, setting intentions and getting clear on the essence is included in most sessions . So often stepping out of the story and struggle, and into the essence of what is going on offers immediate relief and a clear path forward.