Inner Child Work

The inner Children are emerging ūüôā¬†

The Children are Emerging With More and More Brightness

The world is filling with more and more Light each day and each child is bringing their own brightness with them. Their Inner Spirit is filled with hope and excitement. A chance to have their opportunity to manifest their contribution to this great planet and diverse race of humans living and evolving. Just look into the eyes of a child that is in a place of peace.  Allow yourself to see the depth of wisdom that is there, knowing each day it will find another way to be seen in the world. Know that you can see that brightness as a reflection of your own light.

The Inner Child in Humanity is Awakening Also

Its a great time to remember we are all children on the inside. Humanity together is learning to love the inner child again – to Listen! Awakening at its best.

The adult school of life with laws, rules and money are built as a response to the inner child and keeping us feeling safe and thats great. It may have gone to far and serious. It may be time to bring the inner child into the adult world on a larger scale.

This is a reminder to remember the child you still are. More importantly the message that the inner child needs to be listened to. The hopes and dreams we had when we were children may seem imaginary or made up. However they were very real. They are still within and need to be honoured. So important.

Bless Dear Malala

This brave little girl brings tears to my eyes when I think of her, or when I see her and mostly when I hear her speak. She is one one of the bright ones. She was speaking up about women’s education and its restrictions by the Taliban. This caused such a fuss to the fear mongers who were trying to control the empowerment of these young girls and the elevation of the planet. That they decided to kill her. Despite a shot to the head she survived and continued to share her message or equality and opportunity and went on to win a nobel peace prize. Her voice is now louder than those oppressors could have imagined. Bless this great work that is going on. She is the perfect example of the brightness that is coming to earth. I wonder how many more like her are about to speak up?

Aint no body going to stop these kids!

I Am Malala - Child of Light

Don't Forget To Play

Most of all – don’t forget to play. Honour your inner child. What does he or she do for fun? What do they love? find out! And when you do celebrate and know you are forever a child inside and when you play, laugh and love you do so with all the other children at once! At Rise and Shine we honour the inner child and most who visit get to meet an reunite.

You can write a story to your self with your opposite writing hand ( for most people the left) – Write a story about what is fun and exciting. What is like to play? Do you draw or paint or walk in amongst the trees. Ask your inner child what is something fun to do today?

Do this once per month or more and you will change your outlook in a beautiful way.

The Inner Child Is Always At Play