Inner Child Meeting

Inner Child Work at Rise and Shine

We are still children at heart and deep within, even though we have grown to be adults. In your words, actions and feelings are the origins of yourself as you began as a child. There is wisdom and eternal knowing that you link into when you meet your Inner Child Consciousness. There can be uncertainty and parts that need to catch up with the present moment, day and age.

In times of being stuck or emotional or unable to open up, this can be the hidden remedy you seek. It’s a journey that will have an outcome that is completely unexpected. A guided journey into the origins of who you really are, is a meeting on a new level.

Reconnect with yourself at many ages and stages

The work is guided – a simple visualisation that invites an aspect of the child within to be met with, honoured and loved. There is much valuable learning to be had. Little he or she will greatly appreciate your attention and the new place you make for them in your life and your daily activity.

With basic counseling and visualisation you can unveil old memories or childhood experiences that formed the person you are today.

Learn of your innocence and origins

To learn how your inner child is feeling about your life now is a wonderful revelation. It can show you why relationships work the way they do. It can reveal resistance or hesitation towards new endeavours or opportunities. It can rekindle old passions or past times and upgrade them to new skills or areas of interest.

Often clients report how cute or adorable the meeting is and it is often accompanied by humor. Its light and easy, for it is a meditation into a place beyond your conscious memory. Bringing in qualities of the inner self to empower and uplift is a key ingredient of Energy Healing

Reunite with play, fun and adventure

As with most of the work at Rise and Shine, homework is often given. A wonderful thing to do is to take action on the inner urges of your childhood self. That may be to draw, play in nature or speak up for yourself. You are given the opportunity to reunite your adult self with the child that is whispering to you to remember who you are and why you are here.

Wonderful integration and feelings of wholeness or completeness follow. It could be like an experience of truly listening to yourself. It brings me tremendous joy to hold this space and open the dialogue.

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