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Life Changing Healing Sessions

Are you looking for greater meaning to your life right now? Does life feel hard because you have lost your focus? Right now there is an influx of information and activity without a clear meaning. This is overloading humanity.

Without meaning there is no clear purpose. Time can begin to feel hollow. Meaning is the life force that fuels growth and renewal. Being fulfilled by life is essential to health, happiness and success.

Finding meaning is an instinct of ours, we know it when we see, feel it and touch it. Perhaps you don’t have the words for it, but you know in your heart if it is missing. You can hear it singing when you have it.

In these energy healing sessions you will rediscover your meaning and define it so that it is yours to keep. These life-affirming sessions will awaken a thirst for life and surprising rewards.

Do you Want To Change Your Life?


It’s time to reach within and make sense of how you are feeling. The reason you are reading this is because you have been searching for a while now. Like the words are on the tip of your tongue, you know there is meaning there, you just need help saying it. Counselling will support you to find your inner voice and show the stage to perform on.

Energy Healing

A shift in energy is invigorating and life affirming. It gives hope an meaning to life. Energy Healing sees you as already whole. You are seen as a complete being with some parts aligned calling home those who are lost. A healing session will get you in touch with your self where most needed. Guided by your intuition and inner light, each session has a profound impact.

Powerful Shifts In Your Energy

All Sessions Begin With A Complementary Session

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Skype Sessions $100  
60 Mins

Manage stress

Does it feel like your defences are always on guard? Is your mind ready to anticipate the next challenge – all the time? Stress is your fight or flight system on overdrive. Stress Relief Therapy will show you how to turn of your autopilot and see your triggers for what they are. Simple tools and measured steps will teach you resilience to life challenges.

Let Your Guard Down and Relax
Meet Your
Innocent Self

Meet Your Inner Child

Reconnecting with your iner child a deeply transformative. There is an immense power in the innocence of the inner child. This power comes from purity, for in our early years we were closer to our inner truth. When you, the adult reconnect with this purity, you are able to combine the wisdom of a lifetime with innocence. Wonderful opportunities open, with a combination of fresh eyes, light spirit and adult resources. It’s like being a kid again as a fully grown adult.

Emotional Grounding

Luke developed this therapeutic tool to aid clients in understanding their emotions, and it’s through understanding that you can rise above. In a few minutes you’ll be able to look at a roadmap of your feelings and change your course. Special sessions are available to help you deepen your own self-practice, using this method of self-development for emotional remedy.
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Ancient Therapy With Modern Awareness

Chakra Balance

These 7 main energy centers of the body are forever seeking balance and harmony. They are the portals of consciousness that upgrade as you travel through life. Overcome challenge, assert your self and become more aware as your chakras respond. Chakra balance helps when new beliefs are emerging while old beliefs are in the way. This clash of ideals can feel like stress, identity crisis and more. Balance your energies into alignment, allowing clearing and release to take place.

Rise and Shine Online Therapy

The Rise And Shine Clinic was founded in 2009 by experienced Sydney therapist Luke Richardson.
Luke held various positions in renowned treatment centres around the world before opening his clinic and has a range of qualifications to his name:

Diploma of Energetic Healing
Certificate of Meditation Facilitation
Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
TRE Provider – Trauma Release Exercise
Luke Richardson
All Sessions Begin With A Complementary Session

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Skype Sessions $100  
60 Mins