Energy Healing Sessions

Learn all about your self by the way you heal. Learn about your self while you grow and learn.

Soul In A Body

You Are A Soul In A Body

You are a spiritual being having a human experience in a physical body. We have been given emotions, thoughts and free will to discover life on earth and return to balance and love. We are here to call forth the higher qualities of our inner spirit, such as humour, passion, strength and love.

In our motions about the earth plane we collect memories and beliefs , some uplifting and others not so much. They are all very valuable for they teach us who we are and how we tick.

Energy work and healing is a place to stop and go a little deeper that you would normally. To work one on one to listen and adjust to find comfort once again.

Energy Healing is a process of conversation where we identify your energy and how it feels to you. Your energy that we are looking at is Emotions and Thoughts – the balance of these ads up to be your sense of wellbeing. Deep down you know what its about. We work together to make it easier. It is simple.

Often when a person is seeking Energy Healing there is something that doesn’t feel right. You have natural calling to be happy, healthy and energised. When that balance isn’t quiet right you know about it. In the most simple terms – Energy Healing helps you understand why you feel the way that you do and how you can change that if you like.

Energy Healing @ Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine offers you a place to come to talk openly to solve your challenges and find the Light within. If the Intelligence within you is calling for your attention to make things easier or reminding you that there is an easier way. Energy Healing is here to help you listen within and take the steps needed.

Many tools and techniques are applied to help you see the truth of what is going on, to help you see your self as your personality and so much more. Often sessions involve a meeting with the Inner Child – the aspect of us that we sometimes forget to bring with us into adulthood.

Healing is Overcoming, Changing or Growing

Its Exciting and Empowering

Energy Healing

Chakra Speak

This amazing system that runs through the body along the spine – with 7 major points, is the place we balance and align into. It’s the intelligence that is always drawing us to wellbeing and happiness.

A Chakra Balance is performed while you lie on a massage table and the 7 Chakra points are aligned. During the alignment old patterns of thought and energy are released. This allows you to return to a feeling of wholeness once again.

During the process, patterns of conditioning are often revealed. Such patterns can be long held through your childhood and adolescence. This offers insight and comfort as they point to the way you have been feeling. Getting to the truth of the matter in this way allows for rapid growth and transformation. For you are aligned with the Intelligence of the Chakra System and your Inner Spirit.

Some Testimonials and Kind Words

Just thought I’d drop you a line to say wow, I feel absolutely amazing since arriving back at home.

So many Aha!s and I can feel now that things feel completely different, like i’ve been completely re-wired. And the Aha!s keep coming.

My Inner is child good, I think about her all the time now. 

BSR Guest – from QLD


FYI I’ve been to my kinesiotherapist last Saturday and her words were: “what they did to you in 10 days is phenomenal! Your energy is now a highway and you just are another person.” I feel a deep shift – BSR Guest France


Luke is an amazing healer and space holder. His Meditation Sessions were a highlight. BSR guest Darwin

Some Of The Benefits Available To You With A Session Of Energy Healing

Empowerment – Knowing you’re in charge of your wellbeing and being conscious of how to maintain balance.

Clarity – So often when things are not working out a clear direction can be hard to find. Energy Work opens the path with a clear focus.

Happiness – Its forever within you, when you learn that you are in control of it, Happiness will fill your life.

Know Your Self – self-awareness and personal development come part of the package.

Relief – When you can let go and know that the past is the past and it is released, relief can be felt immediately.

Upliftment – When you open to the Light within, you open to all the love and energy that comes with it. This is what it means to Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine ~ 1/789 Pacific Hwy , Gordon ~ ~ 

One on One Sessions are $90 – 90 Minutes – Drop in Meditation Classes $20

Luke Richardson – Diploma of Energetic Healing – Certificate in Meditation Facilitation

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