The Emotional Grounding Technique

Quickly calm your emotions and make sense of your feelings

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How Can This Tool Help Me?

Make Sense Of Your Feelings

  • 1
    Quickly list emotions and feelings that are swirling around
  • 2
    See all of your feelings at once - this perspective is calming
  • 3
    Take a breath and create comfortable space to contemplate

Offer Compassion To Your Self

  • 1
    Allow vulnerability to mixed feelings
  • 2
    Offer compassion and care to your self  
  • 3
    Allow your inner wisdom to guide your feelings

Learn How Thoughts Create Feelings

  • 1
    Discover the relationship between thoughts & feelings
  • 2
    Notice conflict between inner thoughts
  • 3
    Learn to feel instead of thinking about your self

Listen To Your Self Deep Down

  • 1
    Listen deep within your self
  • 2
    Give meaning to your feelings and inner whispers
  • 3
    Learn a natural process of self discovery

Some Feedback So Far...

I have been using the Emotional Grounding Technique for a few months now and I find it a hugely helpful tool. It allows me to put words to my emotions and acknowledge them, then to step away and come back with a fresh perspective and another layer of insight. 

By the time I have finished the process I reliably find that my emotional state has significantly changed for the better. The tool helps to reign in the volatility of my feelings and reactions and find more stability. I've also started personalising how I use the technique - finding my own ways to ground myself to suit my frame of mind and time available. I use this technique now on a daily basis and it has had a huge impact on how I process events, as well as generally improving my self-awareness.

RA - London

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