A Great Way To Learn To Meditate

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This new class called “Find Your Self in A Meditative Space” is a wonderful learning experience. It’s a guided journey that will offer you tools and techniques to expand your awareness. As you expand your awareness, within and without. You are opening to new levels and layers of your consciousness.

This guided journey will take you into a deep and nurturing space of meditation. This is a true meditation in a space of awakening. An awakened experience of the vast expanse that is deep within your heart space.

From there its up to you to find your self – find your openness or how willing you are to feel.

Learn To Meditate

Learn to Meditate

Learning the skill of meditation

It’s something that you can only learn for your self. We truly know this as a fact at Rise and Shine. But we also know we have many great journeys to take you to a place within. This is an opportunity to find a place within meditation for you to become accustomed. To become familiar so that returning there on your own in your private practice will get easier and easier as you journey.

Rise and Shine is dedicated to your empowerment and success. The journey of self-discovery is deeply rewarding. With the right guidance and people to call on when needed you can open to many wonderful experiences within your practice.

 When you come along to this class I will make a copy of it available for you to take home. By listening a few times per week it will allow you to go deeper and deeper within. It will train you to go to a place within that is expansive, rewarding and familiar to you. This is a wonderful way to learn how to meditate. I look forward to seeing you and class and watch you Rise and Shine.

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