Energy Healing Session

What To Expect In A Session Of Energy Healing @ Rise And Shine

A session of Energy Healing at Rise and Shine will take you to the core of your existence. You will get to know your self at the deepest level. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will guide the direction of the session. A 2-hour session of Energy Healing involves conversation and counseling. As well as this, healing modalities involved include Chakra Balance and Guided Journeys.

Luke calls on his experience of working in treatment centers throughout Asia. At Retreats such as Bali at Bali Silent Retreat and Hope Rehab Thailand for Alcohol and Drug Addiction. As well as running Rise and Shine in Sydney for more than 7 years.

Chakra Balance

Chakra Balance And Healing

The Chakra System of the body is the bridge between physical and non-physical. It is the system that links mind, body and spirit. This amazing system links thought with the cells of the body and the inner spirit. It is through this system that we experience Heaven on Earth. The joy of Spirit flows through you when balanced. This is a balanced mind, body and emotions.

A Chakra Balance helps you understand the way you are thinking at a core level, from a perspective that you might not be aware of. This new perspective from deep within allows to take charge of your self in a subtle yet powerful way.

Healing the Chakra System is the essence on Energy Healing. Healing is a way to return to balance.

What You Can Expect: A Chakra balance will provide you with new words and language that you can use to identify life patterns. Once you can name feelings and obstacles you can gracefully handle them.

When you are working with your spiritual intelligence quantum leaps are possible. You can bypass the normal time it takes to make lasting changes.

Meet Your Personality

Meet Your Personality Parts

You are a large complex combination of thoughts, beliefs and personality parts. Your personality is physical and non physical. Your persona is a part of you that is present and active in a particular situation. Such as your work persona, or your friendship persona.

These personality parts affect the way you feel about yourself and the world. Often meeting with a personality part that is holding you back or has a fixed belief can create great change. This is a modality to reveal your true self , at a deep level. Personality parts form the Identity that you share with the world and believe about yourself.

What You Can Expect: Meeting your personality parts will reveal a deeper story. You will understand hidden thinking and unmet needs.

In this process you will discover the age and development of your personality. Understanding the look and feel of these subtle parts gives new meaning to self-development. It will lead you to feeling whole. Self-love is often a result.

Heal The Inner Child

Inner Child

Your Inner Child is a part of your personality, a part of your self. This part of you can benefit from a meeting to be more consciously involved in your day to day awareness. Sometimes we can grow up too quickly , through living situation or things we face at a young age.

 The consciousness of the inner child is wise, loving and joyful. To reunite with this part of your self can help you love yourself, be less serious and more comfortable.

What You Can Expect: Natural compassion will emerge. A deep love for yourself and these innocent parts of self. You will see yourself as a young, wise and perhaps vulnerable person.

You will be offered a chance to love and embrace yourself as a child. The opportunity to invite that youngster into your adult life will follow. This is the beginning of a new type of happiness and joy.

Healing sessions by Skype

Rise and Shine delivers these treatment modalities and more via skype. In the space of 90 minutes you can unravel a challenge within your life and embody a deeper meaning. You will give a voice to subtle parts within.

Energy healing by skype is very simple way to make changes in your life. Reach out today to book a complimentary session. You will quickly discover that empowering change is possible.