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Energy Healing Skype Sessions

I am someone who "gets you".

Are you looking for someone who understands you? A person you can meet, who will see through your challenges to the hope within? I am sure you have been looking for a while.

An energy healer is a person that is has integrated the subtle systems of the body. A healer can sit with you and see that you are much more than your struggle. In fact your struggle is a celebration, as it is a turning point in your life. It is these moments where your essence, your true self is emerging.

Luke has integrated numerous healing modalities into his life. He has then condensed them down to simple understanding where they work together.

These sessions will open you up to a world that you knew was there. They will not be fluffy. They will be gentle, caring and raw. We meet by Skype, where ever you are. Simple profound healing.

This is spiritual growth

You probably think of hippies living in temples when you hear of spiritual growth. You may even think spiritual growth is only available to those who do yoga and meditate. This is not the case, spiritual growth is a human practice. We are all spiritually growing.
Spiritual growth is a mindful practice of working with your emotions. Learning to notice the waves of emotional intensity and how you respond and interact. Growth comes when you learn from emotional states and begin to manage them.
You will grow spiritually as you learn to observe and then direct your thinking to ways to uplift you. Thoughts are the captain of the ship. Energy Healing dismantles old thinking to allow your spiritual essence to emerge.
In these Skype sessions you will be guided and supported through simple changes. You will be delicately lead though layers of yourself to reveal who you really are. Deep within you are a brilliant, wise and loving, and you will soon make this your reality.

Heal Your Conditioning

Do you feel like there are cycles in you life that are on repeat? These can feel powerless or that you are not worthy or strong enough.
We are born innocent and pure with the potential of a lifetime ready to bloom. Our inner essence finds a way to grow into the areas of life. Much of the way our personalities have developed is due to how our essence needed to grow. Growing within the limits and framework of family and society.
Our family structure can limit our spiritual growth and development. We can then be drawn to similar patterns in future relationships. We repeat cycles where the blooming of essence was limited, to allow the bloom in one way or another.

You are not responsible for anything that happens to you as a child but you are 100% responsible for your own healing.

Johnnie Dent Jr.

Balance Your Edges

Do you feel like you have lost your sense of self? Do you catch your self thinking back to when “your life was still ok”? Spiritual transformation can feel like a mid life crisis.
As our inner essence emerges , the mind can hold on to old structure, it can create an edge. These edges are stressful, fearful and debilitating. Living through these moments can feel like you are broken. It can feel like these edges follow us around.
Edges are reactions. When an edge is active we can be snappy, irritable and hard to be around. They are common in relationships and often carry the words “always and never”. Staying too long in an edge is painful and can lead to feeling stuck.

Empowered Behaviour

You have found me because you are craving new behaviours and actions in your life. Does it feel like things have been on repeat? Like it’s time to shake off the past.

Energy Work will reveal where you are stuck and light to the path to a new direction. New empowering behaviour comes from within. When your inner essence guides the way and you follow, you will know true power!

Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.

Stephen R. Covey
Luke Richardson

Luke Richardson - Therapist

Luke has been running Rise and Shine since 2009. Luke is a qualified Energetic Healer who also teaches Meditation, TRE and group therapy. He is passionate about igniting the inner spirit. His purpose is facilitating awakening to a higher purpose. During his world travels he has gained knowledge and experience in various international treatment centres .

Hope Rehab Thailand
Team Manager / Senior Counsellor / Group Facilitator

Bali Silent Retreat
Programs Manager / Therapist / Meditation Facilitator

Diploma of Energetic Healing
Certificate of Meditation Facilitation
Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
TRE Provider – Trauma Release Exercise

How Healing Helps

Refreshing shifts and changes await you. A journey of self discovery is about to begin. In these Skype sessions you will open up to many gifts and benefits, some lasting for your lifetime.
  • Find power in places you didn’t know existed.
  • Discover meaning and value in life
  • Release old patterning
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Respond rather than react
  • Be inspired rather than in repetition
  • Develop self compassion
  • Meet your own needs

A quick conversation with Luke will show you the path to change is simple, joyful and rewarding. Make contact today for an obligation free chat.

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I invite you have a discovery call. I will call you wherever you are in the world for a chat. We can discuss how to work together and you can feel if it is a good fit.

A quick chat is a great way to see how energy healing can help you. You will quickly see how relatable it is to your challenges and the solutions it will provide.

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