The Emotional Grounding Technique

Make Sense Of Your Feelings

Escape through your emotions, not from them.

The secret to being free is to feel your emotions – even the painful ones.

It’s ironic that so many of us try to escape our emotions, yet end up being trapped by them.

We numb them, repress them and judge them.

We never listen to what our emotions are trying to tell us. And we never truly know ourselves.

By identifying, feeling and understanding our emotions, we are no longer under their power, but can rise above them, manage them and learn from them.

Start using The Emotional Grounding Technique today!

What is the Emotional Grounding Technique?

Emotional Grounding

Emotional Grounding is a guided way to notice, feel and understand your emotions.

It’s an easy paper-based exercise you can do anywhere, at anytime – no internet or fancy tech required.

What’s more, it doesn’t require any prior knowledge or skill; no psychoanalysis or philosophy. It’s simply you, your thoughts and a piece of paper.

Benefits of the Emotional Grounding Technique

  • Break patterns of thought and emotion that no longer serves you
  • Release unhelpful thoughts
  • Be more present and mindful
  • Get to know your true “Self”. See your Self grow in strength, confidence and light
  • Build and strengthen your emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Make clearer decisions
  • Choose your actions based on what YOU want, not based on avoiding fear or pain.
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Discover Vulnerability

Learn the art of vulnerability , to safely feel into fragile and delicate emotions. Set your own space that allows you to reach within to the raw feelings that reside below your defences. When you can give a voice to soft spaces within you, you give them strength

Let Your Guard Down and Relax
Heal Your Emotional Wounds

Emotional Wounds

Wounds and scars can form within us emotionally. Hurtful memories and events that get stored within, because at the time it was too much to handle. These wounds are painful, so beliefs and behaviours form to protect or avoid them. These wounds are part of what the Ego is trying to prevent from being seen. Unfortunately as the Ego prevents the exposure it often draws people in who match those wounds. Sometimes even adding to them. Healing your wounds helps you overcome the past and break old cycles of behaviour.

Meet Your Needs

A need is something you cannot thrive without. Needs cover all areas of your life like survival, connection, love, achievement and self expression. If these needs are not met in a unique way to you, you cannot thrive. When you have your needs met you will feel connected to life and fulfilled by your experiences. Work with the Emotional Grounding Technique to identify your needs.

Learn To Thrive And Be Fulfilled 
Work Through Your Emotions

Processing Emotion

Emotional processing is a skill. It involves identifying and working through difficult emotions. It takes courage. Un-processed emotions can feel overwhelming and confusing. Processing allows individual feelings to emerge and be understood. When this understanding occurs, the confusion unravels and a sense of self can return.

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