Emotional Grounding technique

Emotional Grounding

Emotions are a vital part of our being and they deserve our full attention. Anything less than this will not cut it! Emotional Grounding as described in this way will lead you to be present to the vast spectrum of your Emotional Self. This technique can become a part of your daily routine and form the basis of a spiritual practice.

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Building A Sense Of Self

Being present to your emotions allows you to build a sense of self. Each time you become present to an internal feeling, you offer your consciousness to your self.

Every time you create a gap in the stream of your mind , the light of your consciousness grows – Eckhart Tolle

By working with this modality each day you will gently become aware of the full spectrum of your emotional and mental self. There is nothing to solve or fix. You simply focus within your feeling self and name the parts that you meet with.

Your inner light begins to shine when you offer it your presence. You are the awareness behind the thought and emotion. The real you is the awareness that notices. This process helps you disengage from patterns of emotion and routine thought. Renew yourself as your True Self by working this way.

The End Of Suffering

Suffering or challenge isn’t so much about the outer world, but a reluctance to feel the inner world. Suffering could be described as resistance to our resistance. Emotional Grounding helps you to surrender to yourself, your inner self in each moment.

How Does It Work

The technique is paper based. It is a journaling method that allows you to observe how you feel and process these feelings. Below is a video that demonstrates the basic flow of filling out the sheet.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is your capacity to be aware of your emotions and how you express them. This intelligence also involves your relationships. You will learn to make decisions and choices with clear emotions. You will learn to ground your emotional self each day.

Emotional Grounding As Part Of Your Daily Practice

On the path of self discovery it can be common to wake up feeling out of sorts and this can be just the trick to help you re align. It is a compliment to a yoga or meditation practice. Or even a time out in the office to wind down or prep for a meeting or presentation.

Emotional Grounding Worksheet

Here you will find the Emotional Grounding worksheet. Sign up below and receive the files by email. Luke developed this technique in Thailand . This was during his time working in Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation .This work began in face to face treatment. Now offered to folks all around the world.

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