What do dreams mean

Dream Meanings

Dreams are a bridge between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind as we sleep. Impressions and insights offered to us to help in the waking life. Dreams help us notice thoughts, emotions and behaviors in our waking life that are next in line to be looked at.

Dream interpretation is a type of Self Discovery. Guided by your Unconscious Mind / Inner Spirit.

It is all you, the dream represents you

Stories, themes and real life events are constructed to give you perspective of your mental, emotional and spiritual self. Symbols and metaphors are used to bypass our logical mind, to stretch and grow our understanding of self.

Time they occur:

Often the 1st half of the evening is storing memories from the day. Shuffling away the day’s memories and events is part of the process to clear the mind ready for the next day. If the day was stressful this process can take longer and interrupt the depth of the sleep cycle. This is why it is important to wind down and relax in the hours prior to sleep.

Followed by the 2nd half of the night’s sleep, once the mind is cleared of its contents of the day, the dream cycle begins. The series of thoughts, emotions, images, senses and sensations begin to play in the mind’s eye and the dream dimension. This experience can seem very real, with the sense of time, gravity of the situation and physical movement all playing a part of the inner experience.

“Dreams are a universal language, creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts,” – Suzanne Bergmann

Dream symbol meaning

Below are some common symbolic meanings to help you on the path to dream interpretation.

Structure : Home / Building/ Public Building

Home : This often represents our own mind, thoughts within the mind about our selves. This can be houses that are not our own, but feel like they are. These dreams can involve finding new rooms, levels and additions. It can involve protecting the home from intruders or unwelcome guests.

Other Peoples homes: This can happen when you have been thinking of a person of influence. You may have been visualising them, worried about them, trying to emulate them etc. Trying to get into their mind.

Public Buildings: Common beliefs, society beliefs etc. This can represent how you see your self in relation to your culture, society or country. Be aware of how you are moving through public buildings. Are you lost, searching or trying to understand? Sometimes there can be a struggle to escape or find the way out.

School / Teachers

Dreams about school can indicate that patterns or lessons that began at that age are currently active in your waking day. This can also represent how you see authority, social settings and early learning.

Dreams in the classroom can show you the way you learn and respond to challenges. Exams and expectations in a dream can indicate how you deal with pressure. This can be about being on time, meeting deadlines, feeling out of time.

School Dreams that occur outside of buildings in the playground can show you the early formation of your social status. How you learnt how to fit into the crowd and find your place amongst your peers. These reminders help us get clear on what is standing in the way of the current learning process.

A school teacher in the dream space can indicate you wanting to learn or be guided. To the opposite this could mean you are avoiding a lesson or challenge that involves growth.

Work / Bosses

Finding your self in dreams about the workplace can show your relationship to authority, money, deadlines and expectations. A workplace scenario that has anxiety about not being ready for a big presentation, event or work task can indicate pressure towards something in the waking life. This can reveal unconscious emotions in the way we are organised while working on a task or project.

Dreams that contain a boss that is feared or demanding can show how we relate to power figures in our waking life. A boss in the dream space can show he we are dealing with obligation, responsibility and decisions.


It can be helpful to realize the time setting of your dreams. Do you wake up and take a bit of moment to catch up to today? Does the dream set you back in time like it is reality? This can let you know part of you is focused back in the past. Or it can be an indicator that something from an earlier time is being stretched in order to keep up with your current growth and learning.

Cars / Vehicles / Movement

Vehicles often represent movement and the ability to move through life. It is important to recognize the owner of the vehicle. Do you own it and is this current? For instance dreaming about being in your car that you owned many years ago could indicate something from that time is relevant now. Also it is helpful to check who is driving the vehicle. Is it a public mode of transport like a plane, train or boat?

Planes can represent moving or flying to a new level, to see above. Do you fly or do you have trouble taking off. Where are you on the plane? Pilot or passenger?

Boats can show how you move through emotions, flowing with them or sinking beneath them. This can show that you make decisions based heavily on emotions. Be sure to take note of the water you are floating on, is it calm, deep or choppy seas.

Cars represent how you are moving through your life. Are you in the car or are you looking at it. Is there movement or is the car stationary, damaged or crashed. 


Flying can often relate to an inner escape or reach for freedom. The way you fly can show this also. Are you low to the ground or do you soar easily? Is the flight fast or slow? Do you fly like superman or on a magic carpet?

Escape / Running Away / Being Caught

Being chased can often indicate the fear, anxiety and heavy emotion that we carry as a result of avoiding, running from or not looking at. While running away it can be interesting to note the speed of escape and if there is a result and the chase is over or if it seems endless. 

Language In Dreams

Some See, Some Feel, Some Know, Some Hear. Some people have a kind of telepathy of shared information in dreams amongst the characters.

Recognising this is a great way to understand your inner dialogue and self talk. When communicating in dreams are there spoken words or is there unspoken knowing? Do you hear your self speaking?


Often water represents the emotional self. The depth of the water, the clarity, and the flow all plays a role in understanding our emotional self in a new way. Also look to see what contains the water, is it an ocean, a lake, river or man-made container. It is important to see your relationship to water.

Are you swimming in, standing in or being carried by the water. Are you moving through the water flow, across it or against it? Are you being made aware of the water surface, the depth that it goes to or pace that it moves at.

Breaking/ Teeth falling out

One or more teeth falling out often indicate anxiety/fear around a current decision. Often the dreamer is aware of the need to decide but is attempting avoiding the situation. The uncertainty about the decision or choice can be creating unnecessary pressure.

Being At Work/School Naked

Usually the dreamer is panicked, but no one else in the dream seems to notice. These dreams can indicate we are hiding in plain sight, avoiding being seen or concerned about our appearance. These dreams can suggest vulnerability or coming to terms being around other people. 

Death / Birth

Death often shows us beginning and ending of new chapters, phases and beliefs. Death can symbolize the end so that a new beginning can take place. Often this can reveal hidden fears and shock of the change that will result


When a dream is in color it is action time. This could also be bright or vivid. Often the brightness of dreams is increased to catch your attention. This could be during a time of transition or when you are making personal changes.

Recurring Dreams

These need your attention. These often are pointing out a life pattern that also recurs. Perhaps pointing out that a pattern or behavior has re-surfaced. It can be helpful to list down the variances in these dreams over time.

What are dreams all about?

They show us the structure and formation of our mental self symbolically, metaphorically.

They show us how we emotionally respond to our thoughts and our environment. How we move and interact with our self, relationships and changes in life. 

The stories we are shown in our dreams show us the way we think and how we feel emotionally.


Dream Recall 

If you want to work with dreams be sure to write them down.

Keep a note pad by your bedside and write down dreams whenever you are awake and can remember any details.

You can thank your dreams in a written note before you sleep and check back in the morning.

You can ask about dreams that you have had and request a different representation or dream sequence. “Could I have this dream again in another way please”