Dream Meaning Sessions

Unlock the wisdom of your unconscious mind

What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

Your Inner Light is calling out and it has a message. The message is to help you awaken a dormant belief within you. Along the way there will be visual symbols to discover and concepts to digest. The intention of this is to align you emotionally.

Every night as we sleep, we dream. Dreams stretch us emotionally. They are delivering a cinematic story where our role is the lead actor. The scenes we find our selves in can seem eerily familiar. Amongst the action is a desire to understand what is going on and why am I here.

You Know There Is Meaning

Your instincts are telling you that you are on the right track. You have come here believing something is calling you. It takes trust to reach out like this.
Looking back you can notice times when things fell into place. Meetings with new people, hearing the right thing at the right time and feeling like you were in the right place. This is the doorway to your next level of growth. You have been asking for this.
An undefined desire is growing into your awareness. In some moments it is clear, others it feels like it has moved away. Your instincts are guiding you forward. In these sessions you will open the space to give words to these inner desires. You will link into the message from within and understand your self. You will give birth to the next part of your self that is growing and maturing.

the veil

The veil of unconscious / conscious is lifted as we become aware of the meaning of our dreams. It takes a self awareness to relate to the dream space while awake.

For the unconscious to become conscious, the mind must step aside. For blocks and fixed thought can stand in the way. The symbology of the dream space can bypass logic and filter in new information via pictures and symbols.

The fact of the matter is that our unconscious is wiser than we are about everything.

M Scott Peck

Emotional Satisfaction

Answering the mystery of your emotional is self possible with dreamwork. Deep satisfaction comes when you land in the truth of these night-time journeys.

Feeling whole comes from alignment with you mind, emotions and spirit. These 3 areas fall gracefully into place when you open the door to dreamwork. The satisfaction is whole, it is aligned , it is full-filling at a the depths of your true self.

Being full-filled from within is energising and life affirming. The sense of self that is born when you align your self in this way often remains with you as a significant life event. A conscious Aha! moment that gives greater meaning and a sense that you are guided by a power much bigger than your self.

Unconscious mind

The conscious mind is very skilled at living life, learning and applying skills. It has the task of helping you live your human life. The unconscious mind is aware of our entire lifetime all at once. It is infused with the essence of your soul.

Your unconscious communication is not limited to sleep, it is guiding you 24 hours a day. Intuition, insights and Aha! moments are all forms of information that has just been illuminated.

You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realisation of oneness. This is love.

Eckhart Tolle

Start To Find Your Dream Meaning

Start writing down your dreams today. Add all the details you can. These sessions with Luke will awaken you to the power of your dreams and teach you to work through them by your self. This is a spiritual practice. It will change your life , you will be a different person as a result.

Dream meaning sessions

Start unravelling the mystery of the unconscious today. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Learn trust and faith.
  • Find peace within your emotions.
  • Begin to see your life from the bigger picture.
  • Break old cycles and patterns
  • Start a journaling practice.
  • Become able to solve problems in a new way.
  • Expand your mind and self image.
  • Overcome nightmares.
  • Feel centered and balanced.

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