Do You Want To Know More?

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Do you want to know more?

I can say with certainty that we all want to know more and that thirst for knowledge can only be temporarily quenched.

So often however, the thirst for knowledge and the process of seeking is aimed externally. Today I am here to discuss ways of knowing more in an empowering way by acknowledging and opening to your inner resources.

Know More - Want More

If you want to know more

Begin to ask yourself how you can be more responsible? More responsible with your roles you play and the way you feel. This doesn’t necessarily need to include making sudden changes. It does need to involve a more responsible way of asking questions. To begin to seek, it is very beneficial to reach inwards with your line of question.

How can I view this in a different way?

Take the time to recognize that you hold a picture or image or perceived understanding. This relates to the topic or avenue that you are questioning.

Are you aware of the way you currently perceive this area? Or are you seeking beyond it?

Being responsible simply means knowing where you currently are, where you are currently feeling. Does that include desire, particular outcomes or even impatience? Take the time to question the current feelings and gauge if they are conducive to knowing more. Do they feel receptive to knowing more?

Do you already know?

Our Intuition is always answering us with feeling and insight. But this answer is not often repeated to us at will. Questioning over previous territory is common. Especially where you have an existing sense of knowing, however it likely won’t bring a change of answer. Check to see if you already know. A simple inner urge. Learn to give yourself space, time and flow in other directions for a while to be able to come back with a clear mind and asses.

What does responsibility mean to you?

Check into your meaning of the word. It may remind you of school teachers or elders who restricted you or didn’t fully support your explorations. It may remind you of the law, or paying bills or workplace demands.

Allow yourself to see that responsibility is a type of truth you offer to yourself. Write about its meaning and see if you can lighten it. See if you can feel the freedom that comes with personal responsibility.

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