Say Hello To Your Inner Child

Discovering Your Inner Child Consciousness

We grow to become adults and we condition ourselves to live in an adult world. Often is the case, we leave behind our Inner Child. Sometimes because we grow up too quickly, sometimes because we wanted to close out memories that were too heavy to comprehend.

Your Inner Child is Your Friend

Reconnecting with your inner child is a shift in consciousness. It is revealing in unexpected ways to meet this treasured part of your self. Often what we are going through in the present day relates to how the Inner Child steps forward. If you have the desire to know your self, to be more joyful then there is a very good chance you are being called to listen within.

Having the ability to be aware that you are a child and an adult all at the same time is a paradigm shift. Serving your younger and older self’s needs simultaneously expands your self-awareness and the capacity to love.

Your Inner Child is with you for life

In your Inner Child awareness is an advanced way of processing your emotions. We learn to process and express our emotions before we learn to speak. So much of our ability to be emotionally intelligent comes from childhood. By meeting with your Childhood consciousness you are able to update yourself in full.

An Inner Child that has been forgotten can result in anxiety and depression, limitations on success or in relationships. Often the hurdles we face in our adult life relate back to something we did not complete or come to terms with in the early years.

If you feel the need for more joy or happiness. If you feel down, limited or have the feeling you are missing out on the fullness of life, perhaps it is time to meet more of your-self. 

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