CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Counseling and CBT Blended

Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a healing modality that is based on simple conversation. This allows you to become more conscious of the story you tell and the way you feel about it. Energy healing takes this to a higher level of understanding that involves the energy systems of the body. When Counseling and CBT is blended with energy healing it offers a holistic practice that can cover every aspect of your life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was born out of the understanding that thoughts lead emotions, they create emotions. This allows us to feel in response to the way we think and believe our self and surroundings.

Understanding The Way You Feel

Us humans have a wonderful feedback system of mind, body and emotions. We have the innate ability to be aware of these to understand them and take control. A counseling session with a therapist is a simple way to refine your thoughts and awareness down to a single sticking point. You are then able to recognise and understand and adjust accordingly. Helping you get to a place of understanding is the main goal of any session.

Counseling Is A Simple Conversation

From simple beginnings big things grow. A Counseling session is a simple conversation that begins to unravel your story. Together we clear away the layers and complexity to reveal the truth of what is going on. Reaching your core beliefs, the drivers of your personality that sit in the background is comforting and offers immediate relief. It is a true version of listening to you self.

Benefits of Counselling  

  • Help repressed emotions surface easily
  • Become less passive-aggressive
  • Learn to communicate your needs
  • See other people in a new way
  • Give shape and boundary to your challenges and feelings
  • Learn to self sooth instead of self medicate
  • Feel supported rather than alone
  • New thinking and perspective
  • Learn conscious coping skills
  • Make sense of challenges and setbacks

Making Clear Decisions

As discussed counseling is great way to help with making clear decisions. When a decision is not instant there can be overlapping factors, baggage from times gone by or just an overload of options. A therapist can lead you through all of the options to make it clear for you what is at stake.

Happy Friendly Relationships

Relationships are everywhere you go! – You can have a relationship with the people you work with, the coffee guy at the local café, or your regular group of friends. Relationships teach us so much. They let you know the type of person you are by reflecting back to you behaviors and choices you make. They stretch you to be more loving and compassionate and they help you define yourself, when the time comes to move on from them. Wherever you find them, cherish the happy relationships and get to know what makes you happy, as that’s what they are for. On the other side of the coin, unhappy relationships teach you what is in effect holding you back from happiness. These stay with you until you can stand up and move on.

Satisfaction At Work

Our working environment takes up a lot of our time and energy, 1/3 of the day or more. It is very beneficial to seek a workplace and job title that feels good to you and offers satisfaction on many levels. This can take time, by finding your place and learning the various intricacies of the role. If you are unable to find satisfaction where you are then it may be time to upgrade your skills. Or to look else where for the next challenge and area of expertise.

Learn Grounding

Self Counseling With The Emotional Grounding Technique 

The Emotional Grounding Technique is tool developed to show you how to process your feelings and emotions on a daily basis. It is a paper based tool to make your feelings conscious. To process them and normalise. This means to let it be ok to feel. This tool is being shared around the world. We invite you to take a look.

The Emotional Grounding Technique – Click Here