Deepen Your Meaning With Journaling

Change A Word In 30 Days

Words mean so much to us – we communicate to ourselves and others with these wonderful creations. They are made of letters and symbols but hold much greater meaning than may appear at first sight. A single word is like the CEO of an organization of your values and beliefs. Behind the word is meaning and memory and all that you have accumulated along the way.

This needs to be experienced to be fully understood. So I set you an exercise if you would like to join?


How to change a word in 30 days

1) Step one – choose your word. Choose wisely as you will be getting close and intimate with this unit of language. Choose a high value word like courage, trust, love, happiness etc   – perhaps something as a quality you yearn for.

2) Step two – write down the word at the header of your trusty notepad. As you ask yourself – what does this word mean? Perhaps you will start like a dictionary, logic based. This is fine, a great platform to launch from.

3) Step 3 – Each time you begin to write , set yourself a task of filling the page before you finish and get on with your day.

4) Step 4 – Set an intention to be creative with your pen work – ask deep philosophical questions of yourself and write down whatever it is that comes to mind.

Work The Angles

Questions create angles of perspective. Here are some thought provoking questions to help you on your way.

Change a word

Is this a quality you lack?

Is it something you aspire towards and what would you do with this quality?

If this quality were a super power how would you wield it for the benefit of humanity?

Do you know a person, friend or movie character that reminds you of this quality?

Can you imagine this feeling right now?

Can you feel the quality in the cells of your body?

Do I believe I have this quality already?

Do I use it in my language , spoken word?

Do I want more of this?

Can I compose a new way to look at this?

Am I asking for more of this?

But How Does This Process Work?

This type of questioning and writing is a way of revealing values and deeper meaning. Each time you do this you open up to awareness from deep inside of you. This comes to the surface and is written down. As you sleep and follow through the coming days this new information integrates and becomes part of your understanding. Then when you return to the mighty pen to scribe further about the word you are writing from an even greater vantage point. This in turn helps you go deeper again. Thus the process of changing a word is underway.

But does the word change? Or do you grow ? Can a word change?

With Daily Effort You Will Notice The Change

As you write and notice how your evolution of value is increasing in richness and diversity, you are offered the chance to witness the value this word holds for you. You begin to notice that the value of this word forms part of your identity.

Your identity can be beliefs and boundaries, however it is also values, ethics and ideals. As you reach into the diversity of meaning that a single word holds you are show doorways to new parts of your self. Perhaps even dormant parts that awaken once you become aware of them.

Let Me Know How You Go

I would love to hear questions you asked that helped you evolve. I would love your feedback. I would love to hear about your success.

Thanks for being a part of this – We Are All In This Together