Balance your chakras

Chakra Healing @ Rise and Shine

Chakra Healing at Rise and Shine offers a unique approach to this ancient modality. Luke’s style encompasses the messages of the Chakra’s and how they relate to the Personality and the Inner Child.

Chakra consciousness is beyond the awareness of the mind. These centers are self-balancing and contain all of the awareness gathered over this lifetime. And so this style of balance will get you in touch with your inner desires at a deep spiritual level.

Learning how to balance your Chakras is not like “fixing them”, it is a way to advance the way you listen to your self. To understand what you are being called to do on a spiritual level. You are always being called to know who you are beyond your thinking. This call is a desire that is instinctual. It is a primal request that exists before words and ideas. You are called to reach upwards and within , rather than resting on the identity you have formed.

Why the Inner Child?

Meeting your Inner Child takes you within to the consciousness of that early time. Not so much to repair early imprints and memories. But to reconnect with the pure consciousness that was present at these younger times. Often it is shown that the Inner Child has a wisdom that is brighter than the conscious adult is. For the Inner Child Consciousness is still very much aware of the joy of living and discovering.

A session of Energy Healing at Rise and Shine will link you into the awareness of your deepest desires and needs. You will be able to express your needs from the deepest levels of your self with humility and truth. This is much the way you did as a child, yet now mixed with adult language and thinking.

Talking to a therapist online

Skype and video calling allow us to meet anywhere in the world. A video meeting allows a one to one experience from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a Skype account.

Skype healing sessions are just as effective as meeting at your therapists office, with the time saving of travel and parking.

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