Chakra Balance

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Chakra Balance Is Energy Healing

Our Chakras are energy centers that originate from the spinal column, running from the base the crown. They relate to the various aspects of our lives. Such as our physical self, emotions, thoughts, passions, expression the way we see our life and the way we view our place in the world. These energy centers develop with our body as we grow up – from birth to around 28 years old. They are linked to the intelligence of our body and the lessons we will face on our life journey.

Because of this, our Chakras contain an immense amount of information about what is going on in life. Although the concept of Chakras may seem new to you – you are acutely aware of them. For the combined balance of them all adds up to become your wellbeing – the way you feel!

Chakra means ‘spinning wheel’ in Sanskrit and this refers to the circular face extends from the body. These centers hold the Aura or magnetic energy field around our body in place. It is through these centers that you open to and perceive the world around you.

Getting to know your subtle energies is a tremendous journey into ownership and responsibility. It will offer you many gifts and lessons to benefit and uplift your life.

Chakra Balance is Energy Healing

The 7 Main Chakras

Base: The Base relates to the physical body, our security and vitality here on the physical plane. It relates to the health of our bodies, the nutrients we absorb and digest. Also the level of comfort we have with our living space and physical surroundings. The base resonates to the colour Red.

Spleen: The Spleen relates to our emotions and the feelings we have. Past traumas and strong emotional events store here. The Spleen relates to the way we flow with life, the ups and downs. Emotions are healthily expressed through the spleen or stored there to be worked on a later date. The Spleen resonates to the colour Orange.

Solar Plexus: The Solar Plexus relates to our thoughts and mental state. Here our beliefs and conscious mind reside. This is the center that relates to others in our interactions and power struggles. The Solar Plexus resonates to the colour Yellow.

Heart: The Heart relates to love , passion and courage. This is the most powerful chakra for it is where the Higher and Lower self meet. When we are in alignment with our self and activities we are in the Heart Chakra. Here is where our Unconditional Love radiates from. The Heart resonates to the colour Green.

Throat: The Throat is the center of communication and expression. It is where patterns of past lives filter down into the physical plane. To have a balance Throat clear honest communication needs to take place, it is from here we can speak our truth. The Throat resonates to the colour Sky Blue.

3rd Eye: The 3rd Eye is the center of our Vision – what we look at, what we are willing to see. It is in this center that we tap into our imagination and the picture we see in the minds eye. The 3rd resonates to the colour Indigo.

Crown: The Crown is where we view our selves as a spiritual being, where our wisdom resides and the place we see our selves in the world we live in. The Crown resonates to the colour Violet.

As well as one on one sessions – Rise and Shine offers a weekly guided meditation. This is a chance to be led through the Chakras to allow balance and letting go to occur. Perfect for the person on the journey of getting to know the subtle energies of the body and find empowerment.

To understand how Rise and Shine can help, book a complimentary consultation. This will be a call with Luke to discuss your situation to get clear on how to work through it.