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All you need to connect is Skype and a stable internet connection. Together we can work through the challenges of your life with a focus on growth and empowerment. You will discover greater meaning and value in all parts of your life!

Energy Healing


Take a journey deep within, guided by light and intuition. This type of therapy is gentle yet powerful and grounded. Profound changes!

  • Find deeper meaning
  • Learn to trust the process
  • Learn to self regulate
Counselling and coaching at rise and shine

Counselling &

A warm conversation that leads you to connect with your self. When in touch with your true feelings your power and alignment will return.

  • Untangle difficult emotions
  • Process heavy situations
  • Take charge of your challenges

Anger / Stress

Learn to process emotions rather than being controlled by them. Take charge of your fight or flight system and become resilient.

  • Dismantle the complexity
  • Learn to unwind
  • Learn to rest 

Available Timezones - Australia / Asia / UK / Americas

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