Energy Healing

Booking A Session Or Class At Rise And Shine

Everything we do at Rise and Shine is life changing. All services are affirming with empowerment and happiness at the forefront of set intentions. All classes and on one one sessions are tailored towards your self understanding and wellbeing.

There Are No Limits: We can work on anything that doesn’t feel totally right to you. Feel free to phone or email for a basic consultation. I can always refer you to basic tools, references or other therapists if needed. I am always happy to help.

Together we can work to help you find answers,

Grow, Let go of old relationships,

Learn, clear old energy from times gone by,

Forgive, get clear on a decision,

Take Charge,  find your groove, 

Move On, figure it out,

Be Great, cut cords from the past,

Step Up, sing your song,

 or to Find Love within or without.

Process Emotion

Energy Healing

Sessions of Energy Healing are 90 minutes or more. They go into the depth of your story to unravel it. Using guided journey, question asking, Counselling and Chakra Balance. Homework is always given and I will ask you to check back in with me in 3-4 weeks time to monitor the progress as part of the session cost of


Meditation To Journey To The Body and Into The Heart

Meditation Class

Each class is between 1-2 hours depending on group size and if there are questions to ask or people are needing to share. The class is always on a theme and we work with theory and then a Meditation Journey. Using the imagination to work with Light and learn about our selves on a deeper level. Classes cost


A gourmet massage experience

Lomi Lomi Massage

A Lomi Lomi Massage goes for 90 minutes or more. Its best to book the day before so I can arrange my schedule. Drink plenty of water after your session for it is a Lymphatic drainage as well. A session will work with your body and its energy. Blockages or significant information will be shared at the end. Massage costs


Rise and Shine ~ 1/789 Pacific Hwy , Gordon ~ ~ 

One on One Sessions are $100 – 90 Minutes – Drop in Meditation Classes $20

Luke Richardson – Diploma of Energetic Healing – Certificate in Meditation Facilitation

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