Come Back To Your Body

Find Your Body With Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a journey into Body Consciousness. This is the combined intelligence of the cells of the body that are working together as a team. Each cell has an Aura and they combine into a single aura called Body Consciousness.

Its an amazing space to think of. Imagine the vast network of nerve cells with their impulses of information traveling at speeds of 400km an hour. In multiple lanes and highways all at once. There are 100,000km of blood vessels with blood traveling at speeds of 40cm per second in places.

In one arm , limb or even a finger there is so much intelligence going on it is astounding. As hosts of this body we need not even know about this brilliance to allow it to function.

However – we get to feel its combined energy. The energy of additional nerve related stress. Muscle tension and the big one! our thoughts and emotions that store , mix and ground into our body consciousness. For we have the ability to change the way we feel within. We can allow tightening and an increase in the heaviness.

Or we can journey with Yoga Nidra into Body Consciousness to relax the space and give permission to the cellular memory to begin to let go. Letting go of stored and tangled thoughts and emotions of times gone by.

The Intelligence of the body is beyond your comprehension in its totality. But you can change the way it feels. Thats the magic of life on earth.

We call this Magic Body Magic Heart because when we relax the body, we align the emotional and mental self with the physical. These ultimately align via the heart. So a relaxed physical, emotional and mental self is in full experience of an opening heart and the magic that is there.