12 Step Recovery For Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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Addiction Recovery

Rise and Shine offers personalized sessions to help you get on the path to recovery from addiction. Calling on his training and experience in a dedicated rehabilitation facility in Thailand, Luke offers sessions based around the 12 steps of recovery.

The Twelve Step Program is known all around the world. This versatile system for Addiction Recovery was formed in 1939 by the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

As the years went on the 12 Step Program was offered via Narcotics Anonymous and others. In the present day 12-step recovery is found in all types of addiction treatment.

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CBT Coaching

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a great modality supports the process of self-discovery and recovery. The tools offered with CBT help you learn the mechanics of the thinking process and belief system.

CBT is a therapy that helps you break the thought stream and catch core beliefs so that you can make them conscious. It is also a great tool to upgrade thinking, to focus new beliefs and create new possibilities.

Addiction Recovery is a process of taking control of your life, by being aware of how you think and feel in your waking life. Another aspect of recovery is becoming aware of your triggers, the way you react and respond to situations. CBT offers a chance to pause the thought stream and evaluate your emotional response.

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Energy Healing and Meditation

Energy Healing is a very helpful tool when starting a process of recovery. The techniques used in a session lead you to discover the core beliefs, blockages and limitations that are present in your personality. Simple meditations, exercises and conversation help you get clear on why you feel the way that you do.

When starting recovery while living in your existing routine and lifestyle, energy healing is very effective. This modality helps you to address the way you are feeling on an emotional and mental level while you begin to reduce consumption and make other holistic changes.


Dependence on alcohol can show up in many ways. People most often seek treatment when they realize that they cannot stop drinking or that their lives are impacted by the consequences of being drunk most of the time.

You could benefit from treatment if you find your self-avoiding situations or events with friends and family so that you can drink. Or perhaps avoiding social situations because you are uncomfortable and spending that time drinking anyway. Maybe for you drinking is getting out of control, perhaps with amounts consumed or money spent. Or it may be that while intoxicated there are emotional outbursts, fights or words shared that the very next day becomes a point of regret.


It could be time to seek help with your drug use if you find it becomes unmanageable or unstoppable. Reaching out for help is often the first step to becoming drug free. It could be time to seek help when your drug tolerance has increased. Perhaps the amount you are spending on getting high has outgrown your means.

Get to a meeting

The AA and NA network is one of the best support networks available. Meetings are free of charge and are held each day in multiple locations. Listed here are some great resources to find a meeting that suits you in your local area.

Crystal Meth


Narcotics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous


Sex Addicts Anonymous


Gambling Anonymous


For any questions or referals email luke@riseandshine.me for questions. I am more than happy to answer questions, refer you to treatment in your area , offer tools , tips or techniques. I am happy to help anyone who has the courage to reach out.

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