Become the person you want to be

Through Rise and Shine’s unique mix of energy healing, counselling, meditation and emotional grounding.

   “Why do I feel so stuck?”

It’s a question so many of us ask ourselves.

We feel stuck in unhelpful patterns. Stuck in emotional pain. Stuck in overwhelm. We try to rise. We try valiantly to scramble on top of things but every time we get squashed by life – again and again.

Deep down we know we can be greater than this.

We have this buried sense of a dormant power within us, a power that will allow us to live a life with more purpose and joy. Some call it faith, some call it courage, some see it as a divine force. Regardless of what you call it, it’s a deep knowing that you can overcome.

  • Luke is an extraordinary energy worker. His sessions are very unique and powerful. They bring you closer to your deepest truth and shift that what you decide to shift. FS - Germany

  • Luke helped me so much during the sessions we had together. He has such a calm and supportive energy. Luke really took the time to listen to what was going on with me, hold the space I needed, and support me in moving forward in my healing. BL - Canada

  • Luke has been a tremendous help to balance my energies, surface some hidden traumas and heal them with efficient follow-up sessions. MB - France

What does it mean to rise and shine?

I know you came to this website to find help from an expert.

But I don’t give you the answers: I help you find them – within yourself.

You’re here because you’re ready to change, but you don’t know how. You’ve tried (oh so many times you’ve tried), but you ended up feeling even more frustrated with yourself.

The problem is that you’ve been looking outside yourself for the answer.

If only you did more yoga, you tell yourself, or ate better, or changed jobs or left your relationship.

Be Your Best Self

“To rise and shine means to stand up, to embrace the challenge of life and to shine with happiness and success.”

Answers From Within

The answer is within you

The answers don’t lie “out there”, they lie within you.

In fact, you already have everything you need to be the person you were born to be.

I help you clear the pathway to this inner power, so you can change. I help you unlock the wisdom and capacity that’s already within you to change – your thoughts, your patterns and your life.

So you can rise to any challenge, and thrive.

  • "Luke’s ability to hone into the True feelings I could not always articulate astounded me. And his genuine caring had me feeling comfortable to share my inner most feelings with him. ZB - America "

  • "He is one of these rare people who really want to help and give all their power to their client’s wellbeing. I have learnt in so many ways from Luke and so can everyone. CS - Germany"

  • " Thank you Luke, for teaching me how to control and heal the black void that boiled within. Almost 2 years later I am still amazed by your healing and counselling. RP - Australia "

Energy Healing Sessions To Release Patterns From Deep Within

Counselling Sessions To Process Your Thoughts And Feelings

Learn To Use The Emotional Grounding Technique

There is an inner part of you screaming out to be understood

It’s trying to tell you things are not OK. That it doesn’t want to keep doing it this way. And most importantly, you don’t have to keep doing this. There is a better way.

I help you tune in to that part of yourself, so you can listen to the answers. And then I give you the support you need to make the changes you need.

I personalise every session to your needs. I draw on a deep set of skills and experience to give you exactly what you need to rise and shine.

  • Luke has a great way of helping you connect with yourself and becoming the person you want to be” - HF - New Zealand

  • "Luke made it effortless. I felt comfortable and empowered in his presence. The session itself was incredible; I came out as centred as I had ever been in my life. CR - Australia "

  • " Luke's work is incredible. He is highly intuitive and has an absolute gift for offering just the right insight at just the right time. Working with him feels deep and light at the same time. AK - England "

About me

I’m Luke Richardson. I’m an energy healing therapist qualified in NLP, TRE, CBT, meditation and massage.

My purpose is to help people like you to awaken. I help people rise into their full potential, and shine their light into the world.

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